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What is Cumbres?

Welcome to the Cumbres program at UNC. We are a scholarship and support program for students who are planning to become ESL teachers.  Our goal is to support, encourage and prepare you to be an effective and compassionate teacher of English learners.

Cumbres is a Learning Community

We are committed to student success and making you the most qualified teacher candidate when you graduate.  As a member of the program, you are expected to participate fully in the four components: Living Community, Learning Community, Mentorship and Leadership Development.


Congratulations to our 2018-2019 Cumbres Graduates!


What is ESL?

ESL means English as a Second Language.  It is also known as Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) education.  

This endorsement will give you the skills to teach students whose first language is not English.  There is a foreign language requirement to complete the endorsement, but you do not need to be fluent in another language.


Give to Cumbres

If you would like to donate to help provide scholarships to Cumbres students, please click here.

"Last semester I had the pleasure of working with a group of Cumbres students in my History 100 course. As I started out this semester without Cumbres students, I was struck by the contrast. Cumbres students bring a palpable connectedness and positive energy to a classroom. They are so often chatting energetically before (and yes...sometimes during) class. Their presence and participation improves the overall classroom experience in tangible ways. 
 So I suppose I'm writing simply to say thanks. I think you're both doing important and meaningful work on behalf of all UNC students and faculty. "
 T. J. Tomlin
Associate Professor of History