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Leadership Development

The main goal of the Cumbres program is to help education students become the type of teacher that schools will want to hire, parents will want to work with, and students will want to learn from.  We want our teacher candidates to be leaders in their schools and communities when they begin their careers and make a difference in the lives of the students in their classroom.  

We require students to attend workshops, complete community service activities,  and complete a leadership project prior to graduation.  We encourage our students to step out of their comfort zones and take the initiative to be leaders in their circles of influence. 

Leadership Projects

Fall 2021 Leadership Projects 

Bri Clarke - MAS After School Art Program: mexican American Art

Leyla Salinas - Paraprofessional at Highland High School

Allie Wennerstrom - 3rd Grad Substitute Position

Jorge Cabral Pasillas - Mexican American Studies Society at Greeley West High School

Maria de la Torre, Brisni Ruiz Molina, Samanthat Mondragon Cordova -

Supply Drive for Maplewood Elementary

Nayelie Lopez - Colorado Prep Academy Tutoring Second Language Learners Online

Taylor Olsen - Greek Life Philanthropy Week

Blanca Vazquez - Full Circle

Click HERE to see an example presentation!



 JolleenHannahPresentations at Senior Night