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Good morning all, 

In early May, we communicated with campus that we would continue operating as we are currently until June 1, 2020.  The June 1st date was specifically selected to coincide with the end of the K-12 school year with the knowledge  that childcare has placed an additional burden on many of our faculty and staff.  For the bulk of our employees there will be no significant change in June. All employees who are working remotely will continue to do so until further notice.  As we begin to slowly transition back to regular operations, the following policy changes are effective 6/1: 

1. Paid Admin Leave
In March, as we quickly transitioned to largely remote operations of the University, we made an important decision that we would continue to pay our employees who could not work remotely and were not required to be on campus using paid administrative leave until further notice.  After eight weeks of paid leave we have decided that effective 6/1/20, All the staff currently on paid administrative leave and who are unable to work remotely will return to campus. Supervisors will reach out to staff to discuss their return and If employees are unable to perform their regular duties, supervisors will identify temporary alternative work. The University will be following current government guidance on safe workplaces, including masks, social distancing, handwashing and cleaning recommendations.  Details are available in the Working on Campus Guide @

2. Return to Normal leave policies
Effective 6/1/20, UNC will return to normal leave policy administration for our classified and exempt staff.  In addition to our regular leave, there are supplemental leave provisions provided by the Family First legislation for specific COVID-19 related circumstances.  An overview of how our normal leave policies work with the special COVID leave is available on the Human Resources website under Returning to Work at a Glance @

3. Temporary Pay Differential
On 3/31/20, UNC approved a temporary pay differential of $3 per hour for employees who are required to come to campus on a regular basis as essential personnel through the end of April. The differential was revisited at the end of April and extended for the month of May. The state and local guidelines for returning to work continue to evolve and more staff are returning to campus therefore, effective May 31, 2020 the university will discontinue the temporary pay differential for staff working on campus.Please share this information with those who have been receiving the pay differential so that they may plan accordingly for the change effective on May 31st

Thank you for all of your hard work during the last few chaotic weeks. I’m really proud of how we have come together under very trying circumstances to serve our students and care for each other.  Thanks. 

Marshall Parks
Human Resources Director