Fellow Bears,

The course schedule has now been fully updated and is available to you on URSA. Thank you for your patience while the faculty worked to identify the most effective ways to deliver their courses, consistent with evolving public health guidelines. We’ve created this video to clarify what UNC’s course delivery methods will look like in the fall, and these step by step instructions to make sure you know what to look for. 

Students who have already registered may now log in to URSA to review a fully updated version of their fall schedule which includes information about how each course will be delivered. Students who have been waiting to register or are considering changes are encouraged to pay careful attention to the course delivery methods, many of which will look new:

  1. If the Instructional Method is “Face-to-Face” (coded as TR and also referred to as Traditional), the course will meet regularly during all the days/times listed.
  2. If the Instructional Method is “Mixed Face-to-Face” (coded as MF and also referred to as hybrid), some of the course will be delivered in person but other parts of the course will be delivered online. This means you will only meet in a classroom during some of the days/times listed on your schedule for that course. There are lots of different hybrid models, and your instructor will provide details by the first day of class.
  3. If the Instructional Method is “Distance/Online” (coded as ‘DS’) the course will be delivered completely online, but there are several different online formats. The format of each course will be indicated in the comments area of the course schedule.
    • Synchronous Online means students and faculty will meet regularly at the same time online (the days/times will be clearly indicated on the schedule but no room will be assigned). Instructors using this modality have been working hard all summer to develop strategies for engaging students in discussion and other kinds of active learning inside Zoom or other online spaces.
    • Blended Online means there will be a combination of synchronous and asynchronous components (see above and below for descriptions). The schedule will indicate all possible days/times for online meetings so you can plan your schedule; your instructor will provide details by the first day of class.
    • Asynchronous Online means the course will be delivered via Canvas (and there will be no days/times on the schedule). This does not mean the course is self-paced! You can expect to receive as much guidance from your instructor as you would in a face-to-face course. Instructors using this modality have been working all summer to create online activities that allow you to interact with other students and the course materials in a variety of ways, and will communicate with the class regularly via announcements and discussion boards to keep your learning on track.

We realize that these new formats may not be ideal for everyone and we want to make sure you have the support you need to build the best schedule possible while also keeping yourself and our community healthy and safe. Be sure to contact your advisor to get advice about changes you might want to make and how they will affect your degree planning. We also encourage you to attend an open house in at least one of the colleges to get additional information. For the complete list of open house dates/times, .

Mark R. Anderson
Provost and Senior Vice President
Academic Affairs