Hello DRC Students,

My name is Rebecca Smith and I am the Director of the Disability Resource Center (DRC) at UNC. We have received many concerns from students regarding the change in course format from in-person to online class delivery during the weeks following Spring Break due to COVID-19 precautions. I wanted to write to you all to discuss the changes and hopefully reduce your worry and anxiety about these changes.

First, all DRC students receiving accommodations are still entitled to those accommodations regardless of the course delivery method. DRC is committed to working with you and your faculty members and instructors to ensure proper delivery and implementation of any accommodations that are applicable to an online course format.

Next, while the DRC is trying to take proactive steps to ensure all online content is accessible, there may be times when certain aspects of the online delivery still present barriers for you. Again, the DRC is committed to working with you to help remove any barriers to instruction that you may encounter. Please contact both the DRC and your professors should you encounter any unforeseen barriers to instruction.

Finally, to support the CDC recommended practice of social distancing, the DRC will change operations during this time in the following ways:

  • All appointments with staff will be scheduled remotely: you can choose a video or phone call.
  • The DRC will not be proctoring exams in our testing center unless there are extenuating circumstances. In the event of extenuating circumstances, DRC will work with you and your professors to determine any possible adjustments or alternatives to assessment delivery. You will still need to schedule your exams via DRC Online during this time to notify professors of your accommodations.

Please see the COVID-19 Accommodations and Access Guide on the DRC webpage to find more detailed information about how to schedule a remote appointment, testing changes, and other helpful information.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office with any other questions or concerns. 970-351-2289 or DRC@unco.edu 


Rebecca Smith
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Disability Resource Center (DRC)
Division of Student Affairs