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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates

May 7, Operational Update

May 7, 2020 Update (View on YouTube)


President Feinstein (00:00):
Well, good morning everybody. Thursday, May 7th. This is our daily operational status update. One bit of news for today. This afternoon, Amanda Bickel, who is the chief legislative analyst for the joint budget committee, she'll be presenting her findings and recommendations regarding higher education funding, so we'll be all tuning into that, and we'll provide you with an update tomorrow morning. With that, I'll turn it over to Dan Maxey, our chief of staff, who will moderate conversations from our other coronavirus taskforce leads. Dan.

Dan Maxey (00:31):
Great. Thank you, President Feinstein. I've said it every morning this week, and it's been true each time; it's another beautiful morning in Greeley. Blaine mentioned earlier in the week that the Colorado Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard were scheduled to fly by our Greeley hospitals yesterday, and I was able to see both over here by UC Health Greeley Hospital but didn't get pictures of either one. I heard the C-130s coming and just happened to run out without my phone. They buzzed right over the house, which was pretty cool. I'm going to share some photos that the ... Well, I thought I was going to share them. They're not showing up on my options here, so I won't share them, but I'll post a link in the chat. The Greeley Tribune had some great pictures of the C-130s flying over UC Health and the F-16s flying over Northern Colorado Medical Center on the other side of town, so that was pretty cool.

President Feinstein (01:28):
Yeah, the F-16s flew right over my house. It was pretty impressive.

Dan Maxey (01:31):
Yeah, it was awesome.

President Feinstein (01:34):

Dan Maxey (01:34):
Hope some of the rest of you got to share in that yesterday. We're approaching the end of our finals week. We're all thinking about all of our students as you finish this semester. Just a couple of more days to go, so finish strong everyone.

Dan Maxey (01:47):
The cabinet and coronavirus task force both met yesterday and have a bye day today. We are beginning to prepare for a transition from our response operations to a recovery posture. That's going to include a change in the frequency of our morning update calls. Beginning next week look for us on Thursdays, so we're transitioning from a Monday through Friday schedule to Thursday morning updates. For those who tune into our live call, we'll still be on at 9:00 and post the recording in the middle of the day.

Dan Maxey (02:16):
As our daily panel gives reports, please remember to unmute your microphones and turn on your cameras. First up to the plate, the chair of our coronavirus task force, Associate Vice President for Administration, Blaine Nickeson, for our developing issues report. Blaine.

Blaine Nickeson (02:30):
Thanks, Dan. It's not fair that you used a baseball reference. It just makes me sad. I'm really glad that folks got to see the different flyovers yesterday, and I hope they brought some joy to our community, in particular our healthcare heroes. It looks like a lot of folks went out and saw that at the different hospitals.

Blaine Nickeson (02:48):
UNC and the state in partnership with King Soopers are moving forward with a community drive-through testing site starting next week. Our team is working through the logistics of making that happen, and we'll be meeting later this morning on campus to really literally walk through the logistics. The goal is to be able to do 1,000 tests per week through the month of May. A doctor's note won't be required. An appointment is necessary though through their online portal. More information will follow from our various communications channels such as our social media presence and UNC Today. We're really excited to be able to partner with King Soopers and the state, King Soopers through their pharmacy arm, to be able to offer this important service to our community.

Blaine Nickeson (03:36):
For statewide data, just shy of 18,000 confirmed positive cases. It's up about 500 or 3% since yesterday. Except for the bigger jump that we saw in the numbers yesterday that I reported, that 3% growth has been pretty consistent for the last few weeks. The number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 is 636. It's down 14 since yesterday's report, and if you remember yesterday, I reported that was the lowest number of currently hospitalized folks since April 1st. So it does continue to trend lower, but we did see a small uptick in people hospitalized yesterday with suspected COVID-19, pending test results, so I'll be keeping a close eye on that to see if that's a leading indicator of anything.

Blaine Nickeson (04:20):
A few shy of 86,000 tested, that's up about 3,600. That's better than it's been, and again, UNC is really excited to do our part to help ramp that number up in the coming weeks. Colorado is reporting 921 deaths. It's up 18 since yesterday. Here in Weld County, 2,062 positive cases, up only 42 yesterday, and two more deaths reported locally. Unfortunately the JBS plant is up to 280 positive cases from our last report was 245, and very sadly, a seventh worker has passed away at the plant.

Blaine Nickeson (04:57):
So again, I'm excited to step foot on campus. I've only been there once in the last eight weeks, so I'm excited to come onto campus and meet with some folks from a distance in my mask and hope we get this up and running. So I'll turn it back over to you, Dan.

Dan Maxey (05:14):
Great. Thank you, Blaine, and looking forward to seeing you from six feet apart at the walkthrough this morning. I was actually thinking about I haven't seen you in a while. I haven't seen Kirk in a while. I haven't seen a handful of folks face-to-face in a while, so it'll be good to be in relative proximity.

Dan Maxey (05:32):
I did manage to pull up those photos from the Greeley Tribune. Here's a photo of the C-130s flying over Greeley Hospital over here on the southwest side of town and then the F-16s flying over NCMC. So again, really cool opportunity yesterday, and I know that the parking lot over here at UC Health was packed with socially distanced members of the community and the nurses out front watching this, and so we appreciate that gesture to our health care workers.

Dan Maxey (06:06):
I'm going to turn things over next to our Dean of Students, Tuck Tucker, for our report on impacts to student life. Tuck?

Gardiner Tucker (06:12):
Good morning, everyone. The first thing I'd like to go over is a reminder for our program tonight. Remember that the COVID-19 impact student communities of color, and so tonight we have a special presentation titled The COVID-19 Threat to Communities of Color. The purpose again is to educate on the significant impact on communities of color, provide tools on how to talk with others about this impact, hear from experts from campus about their personal stories, and understand the historical context of communities of color and the impact of viruses like this. So I'd like to share that advertisement so you can see. And here, it's tonight, 6:00 PM on Zoom. Again, if you want access, email Jennifer.Stokes@unco.edu. It's on Zoom, and our guest presenters are Dr. Travis Boyce, Yvette, Rudy, Danya, and Tobias is our moderator. So, that should be a great program tonight.

Gardiner Tucker (07:16):
And then the second thing I'd like to share is a story of how our UNC generations are coming together to help people during exam week. So UNC alumni and staff and students pulled together to provide goodie bags. So one of our alumni, Jennifer Willard, who is a parent of an incoming Bear for fall '20, was inspired to provide goodie bags to students in the residence halls to help during finals. She worked with 44 other people to make it happen. Most of them were from Colorado, including Mark Larson, who is a UNC alum, and he was able to get 60 bags donated from his workplace, which is State Farm, so thank you to Mark and State Farm. And Jen Willard even had donors from California and Texas and an alum from Alabama help out. So in less than a week, she was able to gather $946 along with 60 handwritten cards wishing students good luck on finals. The delivery crew included Donna Vigil from State Farm, Christine Woody, one of our Bear alums, Jen Willard, of course, she's a UNC alum and organizer, and her son, Owen Tennyson, all helped out on the day of.

Gardiner Tucker (08:24):
So let me show you just a couple of photos that will illustrate what the day was like. So here's one where they have the bags in the parking lot about to be delivered. You can see them masked up and being safe. And then the second one is here they are in front of all the bags that came in, all the goodie bags for our students during exams.

Gardiner Tucker (08:54):
I think what's important here is a special thanks goes to Jen Willard and her team for thinking of the idea and organizing it. The feedback we received from students was outstanding, and a special thanks to Evan Welch, Assistant Dean of Students, for helping make this happen. And I just want to point out that the Bear spirit of giving is alive and well during final exam week, so good luck on finals everyone and thank you. That concludes my report.

Dan Maxey (09:19):
Thank you, Tuck. Just one more great example of how our community has come together over the last several weeks to support our students and to show our community the support that we need to get through all of this, and I know that for many of us on cabinet, just hearing about this and seeing it brought a smile to our faces yesterday, so thank you to everyone who participated in that effort.

Dan Maxey (09:44):
Next I'm going to turn things over to Provost Mark Anderson to give his report on impacts to the academic mission. Mark.

Mark Anderson (09:52):
Thank you, Dan. Fun fact. Axl Rose, lead singer for Guns and Roses-

Dan Maxey (09:59):

Mark Anderson (09:59):
... was born in 1962-

Dan Maxey (10:01):

Mark Anderson (10:01):
... grew up in a small college town in Indiana. That was exactly one year after I was born and I also grew up in a small college town in Indiana, and so I think the take-home message is that those basic Midwestern values don't fall too far from the tree. Thanks to Dan to get the morning off to a good start for me. I very much appreciate it. I think the impacts upon the academic mission today are being brought to you by Red Bull.

Mark Anderson (10:34):
Anyway, not much to report, Dan. Just a reminder that today Ross and Skinner Music Library will be open for faculty and staff to access their offices between 10:00 and noon, and then McKee will be available between 2:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. So Ross and the Skinner Music Library, 10:00 to noon, and then McKee between 2:00 and 4:00 this afternoon.

Mark Anderson (11:08):
So it is the next to the last day of finals. I think the music list this morning, thanks Dan. I appreciate it. Hard not to be awake and ready to roll after that. That's all I have this morning, Dan.

Dan Maxey (11:22):
Great. Thank you, Mark. We have no Facilities or Human Resources reports today. Remember that tomorrow is Friday, so it's Hat Day. I'll have a hat appropriate to the season, so tune in for a good look at that. I'm going to turn things over to President Feinstein to close us out.

President Feinstein (11:37):
Mark, I'm very impressed. [Crosstalk 00:11:39]. It's hard to follow that. That was impressive. Outstanding. So I expect that to be your new wardrobe when we get things going in the fall again.

Mark Anderson (11:50):
Katrina's worried that I've lost it, but other than that ... the short answer Katrina is maybe so.

Katrina Rodriguez (11:57):
No, I love it, and I think Hat Day tomorrow is a bandana for you, Mark, and it is outstanding.

President Feinstein (12:06):
We're going to have to be creative tomorrow on our last day with Hat Day, I think. Something special. Well, thanks Dan for moderating. Thank you all for your presentations, and as always, stay safe, be healthy, and we'll see you here again tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM. Take care everybody.