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Women's History Month 2020 

Until further notice, all of our in-person events scheduled throughout the 19-20 academic year have been canceled.

The CWGE would like to extend a hand in thanking all those that participated in the Women’s History Month Traveling Gallery. Though the month of March is finished women’s history is not! While we are unable to feature our gallery in-person, we will be featuring some traveling galleries from various other places.

Take a glance into female and non-binary historical figures who have made an impact in things from art to political activism. Among the websites there are some links about the women’s suffrage movement and its impact on the United States that we know today. Thank you again for exploring our page, we here at the CWGE and the Stryker Institute are hoping that you are staying safe, hopeful, and happy during this unpredictable time:

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We continue to support our campus and encourage you to reach out to our Center for any support that you may need. Engage with us by:

If you would like to connect with someone from our Center or voice any questions/concerns, please contact us at cwge@unco.edu.

For any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at cwge@unco.edu.