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About the Center for Women's & Gender Equity

Scott-Willcoxon Hall was created in October 1999 amidst the central campus renovation. A student referendum provided part of the funding for the facility. The building was named after Dr. Nancy A. Scott and Marcia M. Willcoxon. Scott served as Vice-President for Student Affairs from 1984-1995. She was also involved in Student Affairs and women’s issues on a national level in addition to her dedicated work on campus. Willcoxon is credited for creating the Women’s Studies program while a faculty member in 1974. At that time, it was only one of three in the country. 

Scott-Willcoxon Hall

After 25 years, the Women’s Resource Center is no longer the WRC! What better way to ring in our silver year, than with honoring the history of the past while embracing the hope of the future?

We are actively working towards creating more access to our center. As our mission continues to support our inclusive approach to honor gender as a central identity and engage critical women’s and gender issues, while challenging systems of inequity and advocating for change at UNC, our name, the Women’s Resource Center, did not reflect that.

After our program review, and in conjunction with many centers nationwide, we have the green light! Our new name is official and we are ready to launch, The Center for Women’s and Gender Equity (CWGE) is open for business. We hope that you will feel the shift welcome all students, and especially embraces those students who are oppressed in their gender.