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Practicum (EDSE 693)

The practicum experience is designed as a transformational summative experience that culminates a number of previous field experiences in the Special Education Teacher Program. These experiences provide an opportunity for the synthesis of philosophies, of scientifically research-based methods, and of inquiry that comprise the total program in which the student can continue to refine the translation of knowledge and learning into actual practices.

Practicum experiences are completed at the end of your program, usually in the last semester. If you are already a practicing teacher, your practicum experience can occur at you place of work. If you are not a practicing teacher, a site will be arranged for you. You will also required to complete a series of half-day visits to other sites, so that you will have knowledge about some of the various program processes and placements used in special education. Please see the practicum handbook for details.

Prerequisite Activity

You must complete and pass the Praxis Test before you do your practicum. It is recommended that you complete this test during the semester in which you are applying for the practicum, during the early months of that semester if possible.

Application Process

An application for your practicum mustbe completed the semester before you do your practicum.

You may submit your application either online or paper copy.

Please note:

  1. Please submit only one application.
  2. Provide as much information about the placement request.
  3. If you happen to move after submitting your application, it is your responsibility to notify the placement coordinator immediately. If you do not notify the placement coordinator immediately, your placement is subject to being postponed.
  4. When you register for the practicum, under most situations, you will register for 3 hours.
  5. There are no summer practicum experiences; all practicum experiences must be arranged to occur either in the fall or spring of the year.

If you are planning to complete the online application, please use this link.

If you are planning to complete the paper copy application, there are different different application forms, depending on the type of practicum that you need.

  • Use Form A if you will be working from your own classroom and are in the Master program.
  • Use Form B if you need to be at a site with a licensed teacher.
  • Use Form C if you will be working from you own classroom, and you are in Non-degree Licensure program.
  • Use Form D if you are a International Student.
  • If you are planning to complete a practicum without Colorado licensure, you are an international student, or if you need a specialized practicum, then you will need to contact the program coordinator, Dr. Francie Murry.
  • Practicum Handbook: A complete description of the practicum expectations and guidelines can be found in the Practicum Handbook.