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Excellence in Graduate and Undergraduate Education

You can choose from a variety of degrees and specialization areas within Special Education. Many of the graduate programs are offered online.

Undergraduate Programs

B.A. Special Education Generalist

The Generalist program provides an opportunity for a student to complete a four-year program resulting in a Bachelor's Degree, and leave the university with the necessary coursework to apply for a license to teach special education in Colorado. This program is offered on-campus in Greeley. The program is a rich combination of in-class work and field experiences, resulting in a repertoire of skills for working with students who have a variety of learning capabilities, needs and backgrounds.

B.A. Special Education Generalist (Denver Program)

UNC now offers an additional option for the Generalist program. Housed at UNC’s Lowry Center in Denver, this apprenticeship-based program provides opportunity to work with students with special needs all four years of your program. Additional features include: Receive pay as well as college credit, be mentored by a master teacher with a background in special education, attend classes in the afternoons or evenings, courses are offered in block formats; allowing students to complete certain requirements within five weeks.

B.A. Early Childhood Special Education

The program in Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) prepares teacher candidates to teach young children, Birth – 8 years, with disabilities. The program supports national and state ECSE standards that promote the development of young children with disabilities in inclusive settings. Students who successfully complete requirements of our Teaching Emphasis program will receive a recommendation for licensure as an ECSE Teacher through the Colorado Department of Education and a recommendation for Large Child Care Center Director Qualification through the Colorado Department of Human Services.

Graduate Programs

M.A. Special Education Generalist

The MA Generalist program offers coursework that prepares the student for a career as a special education teacher. This program is offered fully online, on-campus in Greeley and on the weekends at the Lowry Center in Denver. The coursework satisfies the requirements for the Colorado Generalist licensure; however, for individuals entering the program without a current Colorado teaching license, additional coursework may be incorporated into the degree program. Individuals who have already earned a master’s degree in another area may also apply to this program if they wish to add this license, choosing to seek either a second masters degree, or non-degree licensure as a special education generalist.

MA Gifted Education Specialist

This gifted education program is designed for educators interested in learning more about the unique characteristics and needs of learners who display gifts, talents, and creativity in a variety of ways. The 24-credit endorsement and 36- credit master’s programs focus on affective and educational programming strategies and options that meet the needs of students identified as gifted, talented, and creative, but that benefit all learners. Students within the classes represent teachers at all grade levels and within all content areas, as well as gifted education specialists.

M.A. Deaf/Harding of Hearing Specialist

The deaf education teacher preparation program is a comprehensive, experientially based graduate level training program. We are dedicated to developing teachers who are knowledgeable and skilled at meeting the communication, academic, social, and emotional needs of students who are deaf or hard of hearing and able to work collaboratively with school professionals, families and community agencies. Our program includes field experiences working with students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

M.A. Visual Impairment Specialist

The program is designed to prepare teachers to work in educational setting with students who are visually impaired, with an optional endorsement in orientation and mobility for those with a master's degree in visual impairment or those in the process of obtaining their degree.Thevisual impairment and orientation and mobility programs consist of required courses and practicum experiences agreed upon by the student and advisor.

M.A. Early Childhood Special Education

Recent program revisions have incorporated Early Childhood standards as well as Early Childhood Special Education standards to support our intervention of children birth to eight years of age in inclusive settings. Candidates may earn either a Master’s degree or an endorsement. Those who have earned a master’s degree in another area may either apply for a second master’s degree or a non-degree licensure in ECSE or both ECSE and EC.

M.A. Intervention Specialist

The Intervention Specialist is a MA program offered to those already possessing an undergraduate degree in special education and who wish to expand their skills to assume more leadership and responsibility in schools or in other agencies. It is a comprehensive program that combines research and practice while equipping current special education professionals with knowledge and skills to provide services, mentor and coach other professionals and foster academic, behavioral and social success for students.

MA Teaching Diverse Learners Dual Endorsement Program

The Teaching Diverse Learners Master program prepares licensed general education teachers to educate students who have diverse learning needs, including students who come from culturally and linguistically diverse homes and communities and students who have special education learning needs. The program is especially designed for teachers who wish to strengthen and expand their skills as classroom teachers, and for teachers who wish to enhance their employability by acquiring the specialized competencies that are increasingly critical for instructing students with varying educational learning needs. After successful completion of the program, educators will obtain a master's degree and are eligible for dual endorsements in Culturally/Linguistically Diverse Education and Special Education Generalist.

Doctoral Special Education

The doctoral program in special education is designed to prepare students for creative leadership in a rapidly changing world that is experiencing increasing cultural diversity, curriculum and structural reforms in schools, and pedagogical innovations across the educational spectrum. A flexible program of online and on-campus coursework builds knowledge and skills related to theory, pedagogy, research methodology, evidence-based practice, public policy/advocacy, and collaboration. Graduates assume positions of leadership in colleges, universities, agencies, businesses, government entities, and public and private schools.


Minors, Certificates, Licensures and Endorsements

Undergraduate Minor

Doctoral Minor

Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education Endorsements

Special Education Administration - Non-degree Licensure: This endorsement program is designed to prepare students to become special education administrators. The endorsement is a post-Master’s administrator license, and all students must have completed a Master’s degree at an accredited institution of higher education prior to acceptance into the program. The program is based on pre-requisite knowledge concerning the field of special education equivalent to the current knowledge and skills expected of Colorado special education generalist teachers. The course of study is a highly individualized program based on students’ prior experiential and educational backgrounds, and provides a broad knowledge base for all areas of special education, educational leadership, management, and administration.

Applied Behavior Analysis - Graduate Certificate

Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders - Graduate Certificate