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Introduction to the Comprehensive Examination Requirement

LiveText is a data management tool used in the Special Education Generalist Master program as the vehicle for students to prepare for, and complete, their final comprehensive examinations. A link on the special education generalist website entitled, “LiveText: Set-up and management” explains how to open your LiveText account at the beginning of your Master program, then upload and review completed projects as you complete your individual courses. 

While the foregoing site gives instructions in relation to courses, the site you are presently at provides instruction for when and how you sign up and prepare for your final comprehensive examination, and then ready yourself for its critique by special education faculty, at the end of your Master program here at UNC.

Other Questions

If you are wondering about how specific course projects were selected and rubrics designed, the simple answer is that we have state and national standards that we must address and meet in our teacher preparation program. When selecting final LiveText products and their respective grading rubrics, the generalist faculty considered program content within and across courses, the standards that must be addressed, and the practical skills that are the essential products of all courses.

If you are new to the program, or just beginning courses, and you have questions regarding setting up your LiveText Account or loading projects at sites for specific courses, visit LiveText Set-up and Management.

If you have questions about how well you are doing across courses in relation to the final comprehensive examination, you will need to contact your advisor. Be sure to give him/her access to course rubrics if you want a precise estimate of how well you are doing and how you should proceed if there are concerns.