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Canvas Course Shells

Do you need a shell in Canvas to host or organize content, collaborate with instructors/students, or share content? You may be able to request a shell in Canvas. First, please look at the types of shells available and naming conventions for those shells. 


Supplemental shells are non-credit Canvas courses used to supplement a registered course or program. The primary instructor administers the shell, grants access and controls elevated permissions.
Supplemental Shell naming convention: Course Name_SUPP

Canvas Catalog 

Canvas Catalog shells are a type of Supplemental shell. Canvas Catalog shells allow users to self-register for the course through UNC's Canvas Catalog website.
Canvas Catalog shell naming convention: Program Name - Course Name_CATALOG

Student Clubs and Organizations

Student Club and Organization shells are used as online hub for content relevant to the respective Student Club or Organization. This shell type can be requested by a student with the approval of a faculty or staff sponsor/advisor. The moderator of this shell can add users during the current academic year. Students will retain access for up to four years from when they were added.
Student Club/Organization Shell naming convention: Club/Organization Name_STUD_AcademicYear


Developmental shells are used as the creative space for an instructor to design and test their course. This course will never have any student enrollments. The content from this shell can be copied to equivalent registered courses each semester. This shell will remain open indefinitely.
Developmental Shell naming convention: SUBJ101_DEV_Modality_Duration_Last Name of requester

Supplemental Shell Request

Canvas Community

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