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Campus Community & Climate

Inspire and ignite a thriving campus community.
The Division of Campus Community and Climate 
establishes community and nurtures a sense of belonging through
advocating, managing conflict, supporting, and educating. 

"To be excellent to each other"

Letter from Katrina Rodriguez, Vice President of Campus Community & Climate


UNC is committed to the transformative power of education for all members of the campus community. University values of equity, inclusion and diversity in the broadest sense create an environment where all UNC members can fulfill their potential. The Division of Campus Community and Climate (CCC) is responsible to set direction, mobilize commitment, and build UNC's organizational capacity in a manner that supports the mission and culture of the university.  

Campus Community and Climate leads the university's efforts to identify and implement strategic initiatives to build and support a healthy university community. We are charged to oversee anti-discrimination compliance functions and are responsible for students, staff and faculty educational programs that support inclusion, equity, and diversity.

The advocacy and engagement of members of our campus community to support our students and colleagues is inspiring.  Our collective voices and actions will continue to move  us toward becoming an even more inclusive and welcoming campus.   

 Katrina's signature