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About the Division of Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to supporting students and their families in their transition to UNC and in their personal and academic success. As educators, we know students thrive when they know they matter and when they are both challenged and supported as they learn and encounter new experiences.

Because we want our students to thrive, we provide resources, tools, and opportunities to create a student experience focused on learning, by:

  • Creating a strong sense of belonging and campus connection
  • Promoting diverse, equitable and inclusive environments
  • Developing career readiness
  • Supporting wellness and healthy options
  • Getting involved, giving back, and developing leadership talent

Please take a moment to view our website to learn about the resources available. We look forward to answering your questions.


Through a social justice lens; the Division of Student Affairs exists to enhance student learning through a diverse array of purposeful services and learning opportunities leading to graduation and career readiness. 


The Division co-creates an inclusive community that transforms attitudes, skills, knowledge and practice of all students while challenging and supporting them to lead lives of impact and social change. We engage every student, holistically, to become equity-minded, career ready graduates through caring and transparent leadership.


The Division of Campus Climate & Student Affairs is active, intentional and forward thinking in our approach to working with students while promoting social mobility. Diversity, equity and inclusion are embedded in our work as a community. Social justice education is at the core of our collaborative practice.

Student Affairs Strategic Plan

The Division of Student Affairs in new on campus. We work with Academic Affairs to develop partnerships that promote your success. The Division aligns our vision and priorities with the university's goals on retention, student success and career readiness. 

Our priorities for the strategic plan and assessment efforts are implemented at the division-level as well as departmental level. Our leadership team works with division directors and employees on ongoing efforts to implement the division-wide objectives and strategies. Employees participate in committee work which is also essential to our efforts and success.

Student Affairs Foundational FramEwork

Year one priorities 

Student Learning Outcomes

2021 DSA Impact Report

The information in this annual report represents the achievements for the inaugural year of the Division of Student Affairs.

2021 Impact Report

Division Organization

View the Division of Student Affairs organizational chart here.

View Student Affairs Organizational Chart

Meet our Leadership Team

The Division of Student Affairs Leadership Team is available to assist and support the division as well as provide strategic thinking to maintain the priority initiatives and learning outcomes of the division. The leadership team contributes to the development of the whole division and ensures consistent communication.

Dr. Tobias Guzmán

Dr. Tobias Guzmán

Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and Chief Diversity Officer


Dr. Jenna Finley

Dr. Jenna Finley

Executive Director of Student Affairs and Director of Housing and Residential Education


Jennifer Stokes

Jennifer Stokes

Assistant to AVP of Student Affairs and Equity & Inclusion


Sherri Frye

Sherri Frye

Organization Development Specialist


Dr. Colleen Sonnentag

Dr. Colleen Sonnentag

Dean of Students, Community & Conflict Resolution


Renee Welch

Renee Welch

Director, Center for Career Readiness


Becky Wiedeman

Becky Wiedeman

Executive Assistant to the Vice President


Dr. Gardiner "Tuck" Tucker

Dr. Gardiner "Tuck" Tucker

Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs


Evan Welch

Evan Welch

Executive Director, Office of Student Life

(970) 351-2173