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Program Review

Program review at the University of Northern Colorado supports, develops, and maintains high quality programs.  The program review process encourages reflection on the past and present to inform decisions about the future.  UNC’s philosophy regarding program review is based on the following principles: 

  1. Program review should respect the unique missions and cultures of individual programs while also recognizing the primacy of the university’s mission.
  2. Program review should be evidence-based and comprehensive, considering information from multiple sources and perspectives to ensure an objective evaluation.
  3. Program review is most effective when conducted collaboratively between faculty, staff, administrators, and students.
  4. Program review is most effective when conducted in a non-punitive environment that promotes candid self-reflection and leads to collaborative development of strategies for maintaining strong, vibrant programs.

Program Review Features

At UNC, academic, student services, and co-curricular programs conduct program reviews approximately every five years.  The timeline for programs with specialized accreditation is adjusted to coincide with the accreditation cycle.  The main features of program review include a comprehensive self-study conducted by the program, an external reviewer evaluation, an internal review process, and development of a strategic action plan for the next review cycle.