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Office of Assessment

The Office of Assessment works with UNC faculty, staff, students, and other stakeholders to provide leadership, collaboration, guidance, and resources for student learning assessment, and program review.  We aim to promote a culture of reflective practice that leads to improved educational quality and equitable opportunities for student learning while serving as a national model for excellence in the ethical practice of assessment and evaluation.

Core Functions

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The Office of Assessment supports the assessment of student learning and development in and out of the classroom.  Assessment is an iterative process that starts with articulating learning goals for students; aligning curriculum and programming to those goals; collecting, analyzing, and interpreting information about student outcomes; and using the results to improve teaching, learning, and program delivery.

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Program Review

The Office of Assessment facilitates ongoing program review of academic, student services, and co-curricular programs.  Program review is an evidence-based process that encourages reflection on the past and present to inform decisions about the future.  Its ultimate purpose is to support, develop, and maintain high quality programs.