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Specialized Accreditation

Specialized accreditation refers to organizations that establish standards related to a specific profession.  Many degrees (for example, English, history, etc.) are in fields that do not have specialized accrediting bodies.  Some degrees that prepare students for specific professions (for example, counseling, nursing, business, music, etc.) do have accrediting bodies.  In some cases, graduation from an accredited program is required for students to obtain professional licensure or certification. 

Academic programs seek specialized accreditation for a variety of reasons, including a desire to meet professional standards, to ensure that students are eligible for licensure and certification, and to assure students, graduates, and employers of program quality.  Programs with specialized accreditation have been determined to meet the professional standards of their field through rigorous self-study and evaluation by the accrediting body.  

UNC programs with specialized accreditation

sms_failed All UNC degrees in fields that require accreditation for licensure or certification are accredited.