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Faculty Research and Publications Board (FRPB)

The Faculty Research and Publications Board (FRPB) at the University of Northern Colorado is a representative faculty board that functions to encourage and support faculty research, publications, scholarly activities, and artistic productions, and to fulfill the duties assigned to it by the Board of Trustees of the University of Northern Colorado as set forth in the Board Policy Manual. FRPB voting membership consists of one faculty representative from each college; three additional faculty representatives elected at large; one faculty representative from the University libraries; one faculty representative selected by the Faculty Senate, and one graduate student representative selected by the President of the Graduate Student Association, (GSA).

Powers and Duties

The powers and duties of the FRPB include:

  • To recommend and assist with policies directed at securing adequate financial support for faculty research.
  • To recommend policies regarding the assignment of faculty time and University facilities for research.
  • To solicit applications for research proposals and artistic productions and to allocate funds available to the FRPB on the basis of project merit.
  • To solicit nominations from the faculty at large for the Distinguished Scholar Award and to select the outstanding faculty member(s) for this award

See Board Policy Manual 2-3-108(1) for full list of FRPB powers and duties.

FRPB Membership Roster





(970) 351-1314

Kenneth Chan, At Large


(970) 351-2130

Abe Harraf

(970) 351-1116

Britney Kyle, At Large

(970) 351-1745

Jennifer Leffler
University Libraries

(970) 351-1543

Tracy Gershwin Mueller, At Large
EBS-Special Education

(970) 351-1664

Kim Murza- Vice Chair
NHS-Human Sciences

(970) 351-1084

Kristina Phillips- Chair
EBS-Psychological Sciences

(970) 351-2428

Jessica Salo
HSS-Geography & GIS

(970) 351-2777
2017-2018 Annual Appointment

Hasan Zaghlawan
EBS-Special Education

2017-2018 (Senate) Annual Appointment

 (970) 351-1648

* Term runs from July1 through June 30

FRPB Non-voting members

AVP for Research & Sponsored Programs

(970) 351-4390

Ellen Gregg

Dean, College for Natural and Human Sciences

Academic Dean appointed by CAO

Office of Research, Research Compliance Administrator

(970) 351-1910