The Campaign for UNC

It's about you and your university

UNC is about people. A community of uncommon people – alumni, donors, friends, faculty, staff and students – made strong by their diversity, creativity and ingenuity and united by the transformative education hallmark to the UNC experience.

The Campaign for UNC is our public charge to, together, boldly support UNC’s uniqueness and advance its mission. We are – You are – the community that makes UNC what it is and, more importantly, what it is capable of becoming.

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Our Goal: $45 Million

Progress: $24 Million

Our goal is to raise $45 million to better support UNC students, faculty and programs.  Every gift and every donor makes a difference and moves the mark toward achieving our goal. 

Ways to Give

Thank you to the donors who already made a gift to join the Campaign for UNC. Together we've raised $24 million for UNC.  Your gift has an immediate and long term impact on the success of our university and community.

Making our Future

UNC is thriving. We’re more diverse than ever before. Our community is rapidly growing and increasingly engaged. And talented Bears are making an impact around the globe. So, why launch the Campaign for UNC? Why now?

The University faces a challenging new reality. State funding for public universities is declining with no expectation of recovery to preexisting levels. Rapidly advancing technologies require continuous improvements and adaptation, which are often costly. And recruitment of talented students and top faculty is increasingly competitive.

Understand the Purpose and Priorities


Advancing UNC

Like our pioneering founders, our fundamental mission to provide accessible, high-quality education at UNC will not be compromised. As an academic enterprise, we’re committed to making strategic investments that are both fiscally responsible and sustainable.

We’ve already begun the hard work, and now, we’re asking you to join us. Get involved in the campaign as a donor, volunteer and advocate for the university. Your involvement, at all levels, is critical the advancement and achievement of UNC's mission.

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