The Campaign for UNC

Our Goal $45 Million - Let's move the mark together!

UNC is about people. A community of uncommon people – alumni, donors, friends, faculty, staff and students – made strong by their diversity, creativity and ingenuity and united by the transformative education hallmark to the UNC experience.

The Campaign for UNC is our public charge to, together, boldly support UNC’s uniqueness and advance its mission. We are – You are – the community that makes UNC what it is and, more importantly, what it is capable of becoming. And together we can move the mark toward a stronger future for UNC.

Campaign Purpose and Priorities


You Make a Difference

Many of our current students owe their success at UNC to the generosity of our alumni and friends, like you, who have donated to support their experience.

Many students without support face the tough decision of delaying or stopping their education due to other financial obligations, like paying rent or providing for their families. This impacts every UNC student, family and community member now and possibly for years to come.

By donating to UNC Scholarships, you are contributing to the success of our UNC family and community. Our mission as the unique University that we are will be strengthened and will continue to be the best university – your University – UNC! I hope that you will make a gift today!

Michael Kelly, UNC Student Trustee

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