Research Advisory Council (RAC)

The Research Advisory Council advises the Assistant Vice President for Research and the Provost on the promotion of research, scholarship, creative works, and grant activity at the University of Northern Colorado. The Council also assumes specific responsibilities as agreed upon in the three-year plan. Council members are active scholars who represent a variety of  disciplines, meet monthly during the academic year, and are appointed by the AVPR.

Visit UNC Research Planning, Reports, and Statistics for information about the RAC's previous, current, and future activities.

Research Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Research Advisory Council Members

Bob Houser, Chair

AVP for Research & Sponsored Programs

(970) 351-4390


(970) 351-2151

Applied Psychology & Counselor Ed

(970) 351-2731

Janice Dickensheets, OUR Faculty Fellow


(970) 351-2017


(970) 351-2739


 (970) 351-2275

 Biological Sciences

 (970) 351-2510

Britney Kyle, immediate past FRPB Chair


 (970) 351-1745

 University Libraries

 (970) 351-1531

 Biological Sciences

 (970) 351-2429

Kristina Phillips, FRPB Chair

 Psychological Sciences

 (970) 351-2428

MAST Institute

(970) 351-1214

Jenni Harding, Graduate Council Chair

Graduate Council

(970) 351-1029