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Internal Funding

Research, scholarship and creative works (RSCW) are supported by several programs at UNC. Each program has a specific purpose: use this Internal Grant Matrix to choose which program to apply to, as well as information on general due dates. 

Follow this link for information about the Winchester and Engaged Research Awards.

Provost Award for Travel (PAT)

Travel awards are intended to support the cost of travel to present, perform or exhibit scholarly or creative works, or to assist with the cost of travel for invited presentations.

New Project Program (NPP)

New Project Program (NPP) supports the startup of new research and creative projects of UNC faculty .

Faculty Teaching Reassignment for RSCW

The Faculty Reassignment for RSCW Program offers up to 60 credit-hour equivalents of faculty teaching release to give faculty members a concentrated assignment in RSCW.

Research, Dissemination & Faculty Development (RDFD)

The Research, Dissemination & Faculty Development (RDFD) program provides support to faculty for research, professional development, and professional travel.

Summer Support Initiative

The Summer Support Initiative supports faculty research and grant writing during the summer months.

Fund for Faculty Publications

Awards will be made in amounts up to $2000 to reimburse charges for publication fees paid by faculty members related to books and peer-reviewed journals. 

Sponsored Research Fellows Program

The Sponsored Research Fellowship (SRF) Program is designed to support a small group of faculty members in learning best practices in grant writing for externally funded research projects.

When to apply:

Whether you are planning research, travel or other scholarly activities, the Internal Grant Matrix is designed to help you determine which of the internal grant programs fit your needs, and when to apply.

Internal Award Procedures

The Internal Award Procedures provide a consistent method for handling internal awards to accommodate new university budget guidelines; they apply to Provost Fund Grants, FRPB Grants and Summer Support Initiative Awards.

Questions about this program should be directed to Sherry May at 970-351-1910 or to your FRPB College Representative or the FRPB Chairperson.

Research Awards

A.M. & Jo Winchester Distinguished Scholar Award

Given annually to a scholar who has demonstrated continued excellence in scholarly activity.

Award for Excellence in Social Science Engaged Research

Given annually to a faculty member who has demonstrated exemplary scholarship in engaged research and civic engagement.