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Information For Faculty

Writing Center tutors are experts in writing and can help with all writing concerns, regardless of discipline. However, tutors are not experts in all disciplines; questions regarding content will be referred back to the client’s instructor.

Tutoring Session Overview

Writing Center tutors, who are trained faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students, offer both face-to-face and online tutoring sessions. These sessions are collaborative in nature and are non-evaluative. Tutors do not find and correct mistakes, nor do they complete the writing for the client. Writing Center clients are encouraged to take notes when possible and to ask questions for clarification. The client has the final say in how he or she will revise the writing.

Supporting Student Writers

There are many ways that faculty, staff, and tutors can work together to support student writers and to help them get the most out of their visit.

  • Invite a Writing Center representative to visit your class and give a brief (5-10 minute) presentation about the Writing Center’s mission, services, and policies. To schedule a presentation, email the director. In the email, please include the class name, class meeting day and time, classroom number, and number of students in the class. Please indicate the preferred date and time for the presentation.
  • Include contact information about the Writing Center in your syllabus and/or your assignment guidelines. Here is a sample you can copy and paste for inclusion:

    For assistance with writing assignments from any course or subject, visit the Writing Center, located in Ross Hall 1230. Even if you think your writing is pretty good, it’s always nice to have another reader look over your work.

    Trained Writing Consultants are available for appointments, which can be made via our online scheduling system, and walk-in sessions (based on availability). Consultants can assist with all kinds of writing roadblocks including brainstorming, citing sources, and developing your ideas. For times when you can’t meet in person, the Writing Center offers eTutoring, also available via the online scheduling system. Simply upload your document and receive specific feedback based on your questions and concerns. Please allow 24 hours for responses with eTutoring appointments during regular business days (consultants do not respond on weekends).

    When you visit with a Writing Consultant, you should bring a printed copy of your work, your  assignment sheet, and any materials (like sources) to best address your concerns. Writing Consultants will not proofread or edit your writing for you, but they will teach you strategies that you can implement yourself. For more information, email us at writingcenter@unco.edu or visit our website.

    If your instructor requires you to visit the Writing Center, make sure to alert your Consultant, and we will send an email confirmation of your session to your instructor. 


  • Discuss your own writing process and emphasize that all writers, regardless of expertise, can benefit from collaborative, knowledgeable feedback; the Writing Center is a place for all writers!
  • Discuss the writing process as a process, with necessary time allotted for idea development and revision. This is also a good time to remind students to make an appointment at least four days before the writing is due. Many students show up on the due date or the day before an assignment is due and are upset when they realize they have little time for revision.
  • For more ideas on helping students get the most from their tutoring session, visit the Writing Center Tips page.

Extra Credit for Using the Writing Center

Many instructors give students extra credit for using the Writing Center, and the tutor who worked with the student can provide a verification of visit form at the end of the appointment. It is the student’s responsibility to ask for a verification of visit form to give to their teachers, and only the tutor who met with the student can provide the form.

If you choose to offer extra credit, please remind students that an appointment is necessary and should be made well before the assignment due date.

Thank you for helping student writers and supporting the UNC Writing Center!