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Faculty Resources

  • Syllabus Blurb 

    Add Writing Center content to your Syllabus. Feel free to copy and paste and make adjustments to wording as needed. This information is current for fall 2022. 

    The Writing Center offers three kinds of sessions to meet your writing needs: In-Person, Email, and Zoom Sessions. Trained Writing Center Consultants can assist you with writing assignments from any course or subject. Even if you think your writing is pretty good, it’s always nice to have another reader look over your work.

    To guarantee a session time, make an appointment using our online scheduling system by visiting our website.

    If your instructor requires you to visit the Writing Center, make sure to alert your Consultant, and/or check the box on the appointment form, and we will send an email confirmation of your session to your instructor.

    For more information, email the Writing Center at writingcenter@unco.edu or visit the website: www.unco.edu/writing-center.

  • Writing Center Classroom Visit Request 

    The Writing Center is happy to visit your in-person or Zoom class to talk briefly (5-10 minutes) about our services. To schedule an appointment, complete this WC Information Session Form.  

    Please allow 48 hours of advanced notice and flexibility in the days of our visit. 

  • Writing Workshop Request

    The Writing Center can create custom workshop content and deliver it in-person or via Zoom to your class. Depending on the topic, these sessions can be 30-75 minutes in length. To request a writing workshop for you class, complete this Writing Workshop Request Form. 

    Because these workshops are customized, please provide us with at least two weeks of notice to develop your workshop content. We will also ask that you provide direction and feedback throughout the creation process. 

  • Writing Center Info for Canvas

    In addition to the Syllabus Blurb above, feel free to provide any of the following information to your students via Canvas or Email. 

  • Share Your Syllabus or Assignment Sheets

    If you're planning to require your classes to visit the Writing Center, provide us with a copy of the assignment can help us better assist your students. Send those to the Writing Center's email (writingcenter@unco.edu), and we'll make sure our Consultants can access the information. 

  • FAQs
    Can I require my students to visit the Writing Center? 

    Yes. But please explain to students what the Writing Center is and does before requiring a visit. 

    How do I know if my student visited the Writing Center?

    If the student elected to notify you, we send verification to your email with a description of what the student wanted to work on and how the session progressed. If you don't want to receive email notifications, we suggest you ask the student to request a copy of their session summary be sent to their email. From there, they can print the notification and attach it to their paper. 

    If your student doesn't want you to know, we respect their choice and will not discuss their visit to the Writing Center. 

    Do Writing Center Consultants correct grammar? 

    We do not copyedit students' work for them. We do, however, provide students with grammar rules and proofreading strategies to improve their writing. So, yes, if a student has sentence-level issues, please suggest they visit the Writing Center, but do not expect a grammatically perfect paper after one session. 

    But can the Writing Center really help my students with my specific kind of writing and assignments? 

    Yes! Writing Center Consultants are trained to work with a variety of genres from multiple disciplines.  We do not strive to be content experts; rather, we consider ourselves writing experts. Also, Writing Center Consultants come from a variety of backgrounds, levels, majors, and minors. 

    But if there's something we can do better with your students or assignments, please let us know!