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Where is the conference located?

Everything is held at Greeley's new conference center, the DoubleTree by Hilton Greeley at Lincoln Park (see Food and Lodging link). Downtown Greeley is easily accessible from Hwy 34 (east-west) and Hwy 85 (north-south).

Do I have to pay for parking?

No.  Parking at the DoubleTree is free for guests and conference attendees.

What is recommended conference attire?

We recommend business casual.  We are a professional gathering, but we want everyone to be comfortable.

Is AV equipment available? 

Yes.  Each room will be equipped with a PC laptop, projector with VGA cord (HDMI adapter), and screen.  Free Wifi is available. You can bring your PowerPoint presentations on a flashdrive (most recommended) or download them from the web.  If you want to use your own laptop, plan in advance for the time it will take to switch computers (e.g. be booted up before your presentation time).  If you are a Mac user and bring your own laptop, make sure to bring the appropriate dongle.

How long do I have to speak?

The conference is scheduled so that everyone has 20 minutesPlease stay within your time limits.  We anticipate running 75-minute sessions, with three speakers apiece.  That gives just enough time for introductions and transitions between speakers, with some room at the end for discussion. IF, for some reason, your session has fewer than three speakers, you can adjust and lengthen your presentation accordingly, if you desire.

I'm Chairing a session.  What are my responsibilities? 

Mostly to facilitate a fluid session.  Get things started on time.  Introduce panelists (either all together at once, or each one as it's their turn).  Keep an eye on the time and signal speakers when they are nearing the end of their time limit.  Lead discussion at the end.  You are not expected to provide a response to the speakers.

I paid for inclusion in the proceedings.  Now what do I do?

Within approximately eight weeks of the conference, email your finished paper to sassi@unco.edu.  You will receive an email reminder. It must be sent as a Word document (.doc, .docx).  Instructions for formatting and submission are found here

Do you have dining recommendations for Greeley?

Please see our Food & Lodging link.

Will food be provided?

There are no meals scheduled as part of the conference. Coffee and pastries will be provided Saturday morning, and light refreshments (e.g. cookies, beverages) each afternoon.

What is there to do in town?

Greeley links and information are available here.

Questions or Comments?

Send us an email.