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Welcome to the home page of SASSI
The Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Social Imagery

Everything you see below the dotted line are posts that predate March 16, 2020. We fully intended to host a face-to-face conference on March 13-14, but COVID-19 had different plans for us and everyone else on the planet. Our alternative was to host an asynchronous virtual conference, with participants invited to submit their content in whatever form they wished (e.g. outline, paper, PowerPoint, audio/video). We have done our best to consolidate and upload the materials in viewable form, and invite everyone to peruse our interactive program. Please spend some time; you are in for a treat.
Welcome to the SASSI 2020 Virtual Conference
And, as noted below, recent budget cuts mean that the University of Northern Colorado can no longer afford to subsidize the SASSI conference. We thought 2020 would be our last year. Fortunately, the University of Nebraska at Kearney offered to serve as SASSI's future host and home. We are happy to pass the torch to our colleagues from the heartland! Find out more below!
Plan for SASSI 2021 at UNK!
Thank you to the many individuals that supported SASSI during its all too brief stay at UNC. And special thanks to those who weathered the storm this year and helped us go out with at least a virtual presence. We look forward to SASSI's bright future, and wish you all health and happiness.
COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to ongoing and evolving concerns about the coronavirus, sassi 2020 is being converted to an asynchronous virtual conference. accepted works are being collected in electronic format (e.g. papers, powerpoints, audio/video). during the week of march 16-20, 2020, the program will be posted with submitted works linked for all to peruse. they will be available until this site is taken down and sassi 2021 moves to its new home at UN-kearney. conference proceedings will be published as normal. 

Society for the Academic Study of Social Imagery

Draft of the 2020 Program available here.

 It is with sadness that we announce 2020 will be our FINAL conference. Institutional budget cuts, the proliferation of for-profit conference mills, and reduced professional development funds nationwide, mean that our friendly little boutique conference can no longer self-sustain. Please join us for our 2020 swan song professional gathering. 

Sponsored by the University of Northern Colorado School of Communication, the Society for the Academic Study of Social Imagery (SASSI) has hosted an interdisciplinary conference every March examining thematic imagery in literature, media, and society.  Each year brought a new theme and an exciting new array of presentations and conversations from participants nationwide. 

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Download the 2020 Call for Papers

Download the 2020 Registration Form (pending)


Send us an email at sassi@unco.edu

in Literature, Media, and Society

Friday - Saturday
March 13-14, 2020

The theme for 2020 explores the image of IMPACT - in culture, literature, philosophy, history, politics, economics, film, television, art, music, social theory, and business.  All interpretive variations of IMPACT are invited. All eras and cultures are appropriate.  All aspects of, and contrasts with, IMPACT are relevant.  All methodologies welcome. See the CFP for more details. 

Conference proceedings will be published. Attendees receive a hard copy, and a digital copy with ISSN will be hosted in Scholarship & Creative Works @ Digital UNC.

The conference will be held in Greeley's beautiful convention center, the DoubleTree by Hilton Greeley at Lincoln Park.