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Employment Opportunities

Full Time Employment

For the most up to date job listings please contact our Human Resources Department

Police Officers

We are not currently accepting applications for Police Officers at this time, please check back here or on our social media pages for our next opening. 

Police Communication Technician (Dispatcher)

We are currently accepting applications for Dispatchers, for applications please go to our open jobs page

Student Employment

Campus Safety Patrol

The Campus Safety Patrol position consists of two separate assignments – a daytime Parking Enforcement assignment, and an evening Safety Patrol assignment. You can work both daytime and evening hours, and you must be able to work a minimum of 12 hours a week between all assignments. A uniform shirt will be provided, and you must have a current and valid Driver License. You must also pass a background check and integrity interview with the UNC PD in order to be considered for this position.

Parking Enforcement

This position has flexible daytime hours, 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. The primary responsibilities of this assignment include: issuing parking citations to vehicles parked on campus in violation of UNC Parking Rules and Regulations; radioing potential safety or criminal concerns to the Communications Center; performing traffic control for commencement and move-in days; assisting with the collection of funds from meters/dispensers; assisting with general lot maintenance, including litter removal; and other duties as assigned.

Safety Patrol

This position consists of three 6-hour shifts: 5pm – 11pm, 8pm – 2am, and 9pm – 3am, 7 days a week. The primary responsibilities of this assignment include: providing escorts for individuals around campus; identifying and communicating safety or criminal concerns to the Communications Center; assisting UNC Police patrol officers as requested; monitoring and patrolling campus properties and parking lots; performing low-level regulatory contacts (alcohol violations, etc); checking the security of buildings and doors; and other duties as assigned.

To apply for this position: Complete the UNC Student CSP Application and return it to the UNC Police Department.

Communications Center

The UNC Police Department Communications Center employs students for part time dispatching. Applicants for this position must submit to both a criminal history check and a thorough background check.

Student dispatcher

The Communications Center is staffed 24 hours a day, and as such, this position has various hours throughout the week. The primary responsibilities for this position include: taking calls for police/fire/emergency medical services and relaying that information to officers via radio; monitoring campus alarm system; entering call information into the computer and tracking officers and calls received; and accessing state and federal crime databases. This position can be demanding and difficult, and applicants must be mature and motivated students who can work with little to no supervision once out of training. Applicants must also have the ability to multitask and remain calm in high-stress situations.
To apply for the position: Complete the UNC Communications Center Student Application and return it to the UNC Police Department.