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Healthy UNC

It may be hard to focus on your mental and physical health during this time, but we are here to help. A recent article on LinkedIn talks about how we are doing "pandemic work, not working from home." Some areas overlap, but others are unique to the current situation. The UNC Bear community is a family, and we are here to tell you, you are not alone. We are in this together!

3 Self-care Tips for COVID-19 Remote Workers

  • Take Breaks

    • Despite some employers' fears, statistics show remote workers tend to work more, not less. Work/home boundaries are blurred and burnout is real.
    • Turn breaks and meals into appointments (block out your calendar).
    • Take real lunch breaks, away from computer. Don't forget the carrots.
    • Do something you enjoy during breaks.
    • Get up and move. We know exercise is good for us. No equipment? No problem.
    • Check out this 30 Minute No Equipment Cardio HIIT video.
  • Stay Connected

    • Humans are hard-wired to interact with other humans (yes, even those introverts). Long periods of isolation can be difficult. UCLA's neuroscientist Matthew Lieberman explains why in his TED Talk - The Social Brain.
    • Set up spaces to connect. From Business Insider, "How to Host the Perfect Zoom Party."
    • Take time to chat with colleagues throughout the day.
  • Make Time to Do Something You Enjoy

    • Share your favorite new read on Goodreads.
    • Find a new show to marathon on Netflix.
    • Create the ultimate playlist.
    • Take up a new hobby. Ever wanted to crochet or cross-stich? What about a skill like Photoshop or coding? Have you always wanted to write a book? Now, is your chance.

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You can find a list of resources in our toolkit but we've included some of those here, too: