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Undergraduate Research & Creative Works Grants

The Office of Undergraduate Research offers Research & Creative Works grants each semester (Fall, Spring and Summer).

Grants are available in the following categories:

1. Research/creative endeavor supplies - maximum $500
2. Research/creative endeavor stipends - maximum $1000
3. Conference/performance travel and fees - maximum $1500
4. Professional development (i.e trainings, workshops, master classes, professional organizational fees) - maximum $500

info Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students are not eligible to apply.

Award levels are based on the amount of available funding and the number of requests.

Past Recipients 

  • Fall 2021
    • Danielle Belcher (Major: Sports and Exercise Science, Faculty Sponsor: Megan Babkes Stellino): Bears on the Move (BOTM) and COVID-19 exercise and physical activity access 
    • Anna Blackford (Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biological Sciences, Faculty Sponsor: Jessica Salo): How does landscape factors influence individual behavior of a declining grassland songbird? 
    • Alyssa Brock-Moore (Major: Biology, Faculty Sponsor: Mark Thomas): Transgenic Mouse Colony
    • Zeah Edmonds (Major: Acting, Faculty Sponsor: Emily Ruge):  The Masked and Mechanized
    • Angel Garcia (Major: Theatre Arts-Acting, Faculty Sponsor: Andrea Moon): Demystifying African Spiritual Systems
    • Cristal Gonzalez (Major: Biological Sciences. Faculty Sponsor: Andrea James): Screening for mutations in gene lineages of Zebrafish
    • Natalie Horn (Major: Cellular and Molecular Biological Sciences, Faculty Sponsor: Nicholas Pullen): Testing a new way to determine trained immunity 
    • Elisabeth Kulesus (Major: Biochemistry, Faculty Sponsor: Murielle Watzky): Preparation of Gold Nanoparticles in Novel Thioether-Functionalized Ionic Liquids
    • Dani Magasano (Major: Business Administration, Faculty Sponsor: Angela Vaughan): Comprehensive Evaluation and Assessment of First-Year Experience Honors Courses to Promote Holistic Learning 
    • Angelica Manuel Fernando (Major: Biological Sciences, Faculty Sponsor: Andrea James): Pancreatic Beta-Cell Development in Zebrafish Embryo 
    • Christina Martinez (Major: Biological Sciences, Faculty Sponsor: Andrea James): Characterizing the overall body phenotype of p190rhoGAP mutant zebrafish in early development 
    • Bridger Menlove (Major: Cellular and Molecular Biological Sciences, Faculty Sponsor: Mark Thomas): Analysis of mRNA Expression of Distinct layer V Cell Subtypes 
    • Hunter Noel (Major: Biological Sciences, Faculty Sponsor: Corina Brown): HPLC Analysis of Drug Samples Started to be Amoxicillin 
    • Cole Robinson (Major: Software Engineering, Faculty Sponsor: Moe Manshad): Developing a Japanese pitch training application 
    • Shukuru Rushanika (Major: Biological Sciences, Faculty Sponsor: James Haughian): Monitoring T-cell activation in response to cancer stimuli 
    • Isabella Sajdak (Major: Studio Art-Drawing, Faculty Sponsor: Anna Ursyn): Dance Code
    • Claire Sharp (Major: Psychology, Faculty Sponsor: Nancy Karlin): Social Media and Body Image: How Intensity and Time on Social Media Relate to Body Image 
    • Madison Turner (Major: Biological Sciences, Faculty Sponsor: Nicholas Pullen): Mast Cells and Their Role in Tumor Development  
  • Spring 2022

    Payton Sporleder, K-12 Art Education

    Madison Baczuk, Criminology and Criminal Justice; Communication; Philosophy

    Alex Galloway, Anthropology

    Kelly Lundberg, Philosophy and Psychology

    Aijalon Martinez, Sociology

    Jaiden Twining, Psychology, Applied Mathematics

    Alison Zigler, Sport and Exercise Science and Psychology

    Kayla Garza, Biology: Pre-health and Biomedical Sciences

    Joe Raymond, Studio Art

    Claire Sharp, Psychology

    Angela Kaufmann, English

    Soledad Almanza, Audiology and Speech Language Sciences

    Ally Ashbaugh, Chemistry

    Evander Espinoza, Physics

    Madison Gremillion, Biomedical Sciences

    Emily Gutierrez, Journalism & International Affairs

    Bridger Menlove, Biological Sciences

    Katilla Osindero, Chemistry

    Stephanie Vargas, Audiology/ Speech-Language Sciences

    Alicia Wilkinson, Psychology

    Danielle Belcher, Sports and Exercise Science

    Sydnee Glassier, Theatre Studies, Theatre Education K-12

    Chlo Love, Theatre Studies & Theatre Education

    Shukuru Rushanika, Biological Sciences

Travel Funding Details

Travel grants will be restricted based on the current UNC policies on travel.  OUR cannot fund travel or supply expenses associated with a specific class, for which those supplies or the travel is a required element of the course work.  We can support research and travel associated with programs such as McNair and Honors and with research or travel related to independent study or directed studies projects or for non-required travel and/or research supplies and time.

Apply for Funding Awards

Complete your application through the Research Grant Qualtrics Application.

  • A complete application via the Qualtrics application (Link is available above in the gold box)
  • Project proposal narrative (no more than two pages, single spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font)
    • Must be uploaded into the Qualtrics application.
  • Faculty sponsor support
    • You will provide the name and email contact information of your faculty sponsor.
    • The OUR office will email the faculty member requesting confirmation of their support for your application. Please be sure to alert the faculty sponsor about the coming request for support email.
  • Conference/performance acceptance letter (if the application involves conference participation).
    • Must be uploaded into the Qualtrics application

Contact us at our@unco.edu for more information or if you have any questions.


Spring 2023 Grants

Grant Period for Spring 2023 is for project work completed, travel completed, and/or supplies purchased during Spring semester.

GRANT APPLICATION Will be due February 10.

Summer 2023 Grants

Grant Period for Summer 2023 is for project work completed, travel completed, and/or supplies purchased during Summer 2023 semester.

GRANT APPLICATION Will be due April 28.

Fall 2023 Grants

Grant Period for Fall 2023 is for project work completed, travel completed, and/or supplies purchased during Fall 2023 semester.

GRANT APPLICATION Will be due September 14.

Application Proposal details

Project Proposal Narrative specifications

2-page maximum (single spaced, Times New Roman, font size 12.

The proposal narrative must be either copied and pasted into the on line Qualtrics application form.

Project Proposal Narrative (Conference and Performance Applicants):

If you are applying for the sole purpose of presenting at a conference or traveling for a performance, please provide a brief explanation (no more than 2 pages) for the requested funds, including how your presentation or performance will support your professional development as a student scholar and how your presentation/performance will contribute to the body of knowledge in your discipline.  Include:

  • Details about when/where the presentation/conference/activity will take place.
  • Total requested amount.

Project Proposal Narrative (Researchers/creative endeavors): 

If you are applying for research or creative endeavor purposes, please provide a compelling narrative (no more than 2 pages) that includes the following:

  1. Purpose & significance of your project; how your project will contribute to the body of knowledge in your discipline.
  2. Brief description of the research methods, procedures or project design (this includes if your project needs &/or has already obtained IRB approval for research with human subjects)
  3. Level of oversight and supervision that will be provided by the faculty advisor/sponsor or others involved
  4. A timeline of project activities for the semester and  how it will be possible to advance on the project during the period. 
  5. Total Amount Requested for each of the categories (list $0 if no funding is requested in that category):

    • Conference, Performance or Professional Development Activity (max $1,000)
    • Research or Creative Endeavor Supplies (Max $500)
    • Research or Creative Endeavor Stipend paid to Student for work activities (Max $1,000)
    • TOTAL AMOUNT REQUESTED (Max. $1,500)

Stipend Requirements and Award Criteria:

Stipends will be awarded based on the available funding, the numbers of applications received, and the quality of the application materials. Students who receive a stipend from OUR will be expected to adhere to all UNC rules and regulations surrounding research and creative endeavors, including issues of plagiarism and rules governing human subject research. Recipients will be given explicit details of the disbursement and reimbursement process in their award letters.

Post-grant reports

Each student who receives funding must prepare and submit a post-grant report at the end of the grant period that provides a summary of the project-related activity, including the ways in which it enhanced the student’s education.  This document will be two to three pages in length and will also include an itemization of the project-related expenses covered by the award.  The post-grant report must be submitted according to the deadlines posted and through the template provided as posted on the OUR website at www.unco.edu/our.  Failure to submit the post-grant report will make you ineligible for future funding from OUR.  If a student abandons the project, or fails to complete the work for which the funding was provided, they must notify OUR, and a refund of the stipend will be required.  

Priority Categories

Stipend Award applications will be prioritized according to the following categories:

Category 1

  • Research project or creative endeavor supplies
  • Maximum request  = $500.
  • Supplies must not be intended for general use
    for multiple students and must instead be specific for the
    applicant's project. Supplies grants may be counted as financial aid.

Category 2

  • Research project or creative endeavor stipends
  • Maximum Request = $1000
  • Includes payment to student (via student employment system) for
    approved research or creative endeavor activities as outlined
    in the proposal.

Category 3

  • Conference presentation and performance travel and fees
  • Maximum Request = $1500
  • You may apply for a grant to pay for conference fees, airfare or mileage, hotel costs, per diem or other costs involved with attending the event.

Category 4

  • Professional development
  • Maximum request = $500
  • May be used for trainings, conference fees for those not presenting, workshops,
    master classes, or professional organization membership fees.