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Recent Ph.D. Graduates


  • Jennifer Ruth Zakotnik-Gutierrez
    Advisors: Gulden Karakok and Spencer Bagley
    Dissertation Title: An Activity Theory Approach to Examining the Implications of Developmental Mathematics Reform at an Urban Community College


  • Elizabeth Scott-Janda
    Advisor: Robert Powers
    Dissertation Title: The Impact of Social and Cultural Factors on Minority Students' Participation in an International Baccalaureate Diploma Program
  • Michelle Ann Morgan
    Advisor: Robert Powers
    Dissertation Title: Standards-Based Grading Practices in Middle School Mathematics Classrooms: A Multicase Study


  • Brian Arthur Christopher
    Advisor: Gulden Karakok
    Dissertation Title: The Relationship Between Calibration, Mindset, Mathematics Anxiety and Achievement in Pre-Service Elementary Teachers
  • Emilie Hancock
    Advisor: Gulden Karakok
    Dissertation Title: The Sociocultural Mediation of Metacognition during Problem Solving in Undergraduate Mathematics Classroom Communities of Practice 
  • Brent Hancock
    Advisor: Hortensia Soto
    Undergraduates’ Collective Argumentation Regarding Integration of Complex Functions within Three Worlds of Mathematics


  • Jeffrey King
    Advisor: Gulden Karakok
    Dissertation Title: Students' Social Adaptation to Mathematics Tasks


  • Kristin Noblet
    Advisors: Hortensia Soto & Gulden Karakok
    Dissertation Title: Preservie Elementary Teachers’ Understandings of Topics in Number Theory


  • Melissa Goss Troudt
    Advisor: Gulden Karakok
    Dissertation Title:  Mathematicians’ Evolving Personal Arguments:  Ideas that Move Proof Constructions Forward
  • Kitty (Catherine) Roach
    Advisor: Robert Powers
    Dissertation Title: A Study of Novice Instructors’ Questioning Techniques and Classroom Discourse Surrounding those Questions
  • Jonathan Troup
    Advisors: Hortensia Soto and Gulden Karakok
    Dissertation Title: “Students” Development of Geometric Reasoning about the Derivative of Complex-Valued Functions


  • Dibbs, Rebecca Anne
    Advisor: Michael Oehrtman
    Dissertation Title:The effects of formative assessment on students' Zone of Proximal Development in introductory calculus
  • Glassmeyer, David
    Advisors: Jodie Novak and Michael Oehrtman
    Dissertation Title: Secondary Teacher Models of Quantitative Reasoning
  • Roberson, Lee
    Advisor: Bill Blubaugh
    Dissertation Title: Building Bridges: Connecting Collegiate Athletic and Mathematics Cultures


  • Yestness, Nissa Rae
    Advisors: Robert Powers and Steven Leth
    Dissertation Title: A Study of Undergraduate Students' Use of Diagrams in Understanding and Constructing Proofs about Groups, Subgroups, and Isomorphisms


  • Parker, Catherine Freida
    Advisors: Hortensia Soto and Cathleen Craviotto
    Dissertation Title: How Intuition and Language Use Relate to Students' Understanding of Span and Linear Independence in an Elementary Linear Algebra Class


  • Champion, Joe
    Advisor: Robert A. Powers
    Dissertation Title: The Mathematics Self-Efficacy and Calibration of Students in a Secondary Mathematics Teacher Preparation Program
  • Andrew, Lane
    Advisors: Hortensia Soto and Richard Grassl
    Dissertation Title: The Relationship between Mathematical Induction, Proposition Functions, and Implication Functions


  • Deon, Rhoda
    Advisor: Shandy Hauk
    Dissertation Title: The Nature of Pedagogical Content Knowledge about Combinatorics Representations Among Pre- and In-Service K-8 Teachers.
  • Wheeler, Ann
    Advisor: Hortensia Soto
    Dissertation Title: Traditional and Nontraditional Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Perceptions about Mathematics and Mathematics Teaching.


  • Judd, April
    Advisor: Shandy Hauk
    Dissertation Title: Function, Visualization, and Mathematical Thinking for College Students with ADHD.
  • Phipps, Marnie
    Advisors: Hortensia Soto and Bill Blubaugh
    Dissertation Title: A Phenomenological Investigation on Eighth Graders' Number Sense of Fractions.
  • Toney, Allison
    Advisor: Shandy Hauk
    Dissertation Title: Women with Advanced Degrees in Mathematics in Doctoral Programs in Mathematics Education .


  • Dollard, Clark
    Advisors: Bill Blubaugh and Michelle Chamberlin
    Dissertation Title: Preservice Elementary Teachers' Thinking About Situations Involving Probability.


  • Cribari, RaKissa
    Advisors: Shandy Hauk and Jodie Novak
    Dissertation Title: Socio-Cultural Factors and Seventh Grade Students' Attitudes and Beliefs About Mathematics.
  • Huang, Chien-Chung
    Advisor: Bill Blubaugh
    Dissertation Title: The Understanding of Multiplication of Preservice Elementary School Teachers in Taiwan.


  • Banks, Clare
    Advisors: Dean Allison and Michelle Chamberlin
    Dissertation Title: Preservice Teachers' Personal Epistemological Beliefs in Relation to Their Beliefs in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' Principles and Standards for School Mathematics.
  • Duvall, Sally
    Advisors: Dean Allison and Robert Mayes
    Dissertation Title: Students' Concept Images of Parameters in a Multi-Representational Differential Equations Course.
  • Tsay, Jenq-Jong [David]
    Advisor: Shandy Hauk
    Dissertation Title: Pedagogical content knowledge in prospective elementary teachers: The schema of multiplication.


  • Neumann, Andrew
    Advisor: Jeff Farmer
    Dissertation Title: The Mathematical Tasks Framework: A Consequence of and Condition for Professional Development.


  • Gonske, Teresa
    Advisor: William Blubaugh
    Dissertation Title: Relationships among Mathematics Anxiety, Beliefs about the Nature of Mathematics and Learning Mathematics, and Students' Learning Approaches in Nontraditional Aged Students at the Community College.
  • Junius, Prema
    Advisor: Jeff Farmer/ Jodie Novak
    Dissertation Title: Cognitive Engagement in Integrating Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry.
  • Miltenberger, Pam
    Advisor: Jodie Novak
    Dissertation Title: The Effects of a Physics Learning Community on Student Attitude and Performance.
  • Tsao, Yea-Ling
    Advisor: Dean Allision/ Helen Gerretson
    Dissertation Title: The Number Sense of Pre-Service Elementary School Teachers.


  • Lassak, Marshall
    Advisor: Jeff Farmer
    Dissertation Title: The Structure of Beliefs: Three Case Studies of Prospective Secondary Mathematics Teachers.
  • Perrine, Vicki
    Advisor: William Blubaugh
    Dissertation Title: Effects of a Problem-Solving Mathematics Classroom on the Proportional Reasoning of Preservice Teachers.


  • Kassemi, Fatholah
    Advisor: Robert Mayes/ Igor Szczyrba
    Dissertation Title: Pre-service Teacher's Conceptual Understanding of Rational Numbers.
  • Medina, Elsa
    Advisor: Robert Mayes/ Jodie Novak
    Dissertation Title: Student Understanding of Span, Linear independence, and Basis in an Elementary Linear Algebra Class.
    If you have access to Dissertations International: http://wwwlib.umi.com/dissertations/fullcit/9983081
  • Zderad, Jon
    Advisor: Robert Mayes/ Jodie Novak
    Dissertation Title: Understanding a Student's Oral, Written and Pictoral Mathematical Voice through Engagement in and Reflection on Classroom Episodes.


  • Belloso, Rafael
    Advisor: Robert Mayes/ Larry Lesser
    Dissertation Title: A measurement model using path analysis with latest variables to assess the student affective domain before learning introductory statistics.
  • Lee, Wan-I
    Advisor: Robert Mayes/ Richard Grassl
    Dissertation Title: An Exploration of the Relationship Between Students' Proof-Writing Abilities and Van Heile Levels of Geometric Thought in a College Geometry Course.
  • Yuan, Yuan
    Advisor: Robert Mayes
    Dissertation Title: The impact of student learning style and classroom environment interactions on the development of function concept in college algebra students.
  • Kloster, Tom
    Advisor: Robert Mayes
    Dissertation Title: Towards a Model of the Comprehension of the Cartesian Plane.
  • Strickland, Jeff
    Advisor: Robert Mayes
    Dissertation Title: How Students Make Meaning in a Reform Calculus Course.
    Email: aj3948@usma.edu
  • Su, Robert
    Advisor: J.Wey Chen
    Dissertation Title: The Effects of Enhanced Web-based Instruction on Preservice Teachers' Mathematics Achievement and Attitude Changes toward Mathematics and Towards Computer in Taiwan, Republic of China.


  • Bush, Jennifer Bergner
    Advisor: Robert Mayes/ Steven Leth
    Dissertation Title: An Exploratory Study of Two Students' Understanding of Group Theory Concepts Assumed Prerequisite to the Concept of Quotient Group.
  • Wisniewski, Ronald S.
    Advisor: Robert Mayes
    Dissertation Title: The Effects of an Integrated Curriculum on Students' Attitudes and Abilities Regarding the Application of Calculus to Physics Problems.
  • Chilcoat, Richard
    Advisor: Robert Mayes
    Dissertation Title: Comparing the Use of Graphing Calculator and Writing With More Traditional Methods.
    Email: rac28@jan.ucc.nau.edu


  • Isom, Matt
    Advisor: Jeff Farmer/Steven Leth
    Dissertation Title: The Effect of a Mathematics Curriculum Influenced by Writing.
    Homepage: At ASU
    Email: isom@asu.edu
  • Mingus, Tabitha Terese Young
    Advisor: William Bosch/ Jeff Farmer
    Dissertation Title: The Effect of Conceptual, Constructivist Approach to Teaching Linear Algebra on Student Attitudes About Mathematics and the Learning of Mathematics.
  • Soto, Hortensia
    Advisor: Robert Mayes
    Dissertation Title: Technological vs. Traditional Approach in Conceptual Understanding of Series.
  • VanDresar, Vickie
    Advisor: Chuck McNerney
    Dissertation Title: Relationships of a Mathematics Content Course for Elementary/Middle School Teacher with Pre-Service Teachers' Attitudes/Beliefs about Mathematics and the Teaching of Mathematics.
    Homepage: http://www.ashland.edu/cas/faculty-staff/dr-vickie-vandresar
    Email: vvandres@ashland.edu


  • Hsieh, Dannie
    Advisor: William Blubaugh
    Dissertation Title: A Comparison of the Thinking Processes of Mathematically- Advanced and Average Students (Age 10-11), Engaged in Mathematics Problem Solving.
  • Brown, John W.
    Advisor: William Blubaugh
    Dissertation Title: The Effect of a Computer-Supported Curriculum on Student Beliefs About Mathematics and Mathematics Achievement.


  • Olsen, Jim
    Advisor: William Bosch
    Dissertation Title: The Effect of the Use of Number Line Representation on the Student Understanding of Basic Function Concepts.
    Homepage: http://www.wiu.edu/users/mfjro1/wiu/index.htm
    Email: james_olsen@ccmail.wiu.edu
  • Ma, Hsiu-Lan
    Advisor: William Blubaugh
    Dissertation Title: A Comparative Study Between Traditional Instruction and Modified Multimedia Instruction in Math Problem-Solving Achievements and Beliefs of Sixth Grade Students in Taiwan.
  • Wu, Der Bang
    Advisor: Chuck MeNerney
    Dissertation Title: A Study of the vanHeile Model in the Teaching of Non Euclidean Geometry to Perspective Elementary School Teacher in Taiwan, The Republic Of China.
  • Duchrow, Linda
    Advisor: Steven Leth/Robert Mayes
    Dissertation Title: Effect of HyperCard Based Electronic Performance Support System on Teacher Attitude Towards Mathematics.
    Homepage: http://www.regis.edu/regis.asp?sctn=apg&p1=ut&p2=mt&p3=fac&p4=lduchrow


  • Pan, Hung-Ming
    Advisor: Igor Szczyrba
    Dissertation Title: A study of Metacognitive Behaviors In Mathematical Problem Solving of Older Elementary Students in Taiwan.