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Master's en route

Inquiries welcomed!

Inquiries about our Ph.D. program  can be sent to Dr. Robert Powers, graduate recruitment and induction coordinator or Dr. Nathaniel Eldredge, graduate program coordinator.

The Program

The Master's en route program is designed for people who would like to enter our Ph.D. program in Educational Mathematics, but have not yet attained a Master's in mathematics.  The application process for the Master's en route program is the same as the application process for the Ph.D. program.  Applicants to this program need to fill out the graduate school application; submit at least three letters of recommendation with the UNC cover sheet; submit current general GRE scores (the subject exam is not required); submit official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended; submit a CV (curriculum vitae); and must provide an essay of approximately 500 words about their personal  educational goals and specific interest in the University of Northern Colorado's Educational Mathematics Ph.D. program.  Applicants should apply as though they are applying to the Ph.D. program directly, but should put a comment in the application noting that they intend to apply to the Master's en route program.

The application deadline for this program is February 15.  All application materials must be received by this date in order to be considered for admission to the program starting the following Fall semester. This program only admits students starting in the Fall semester.

One advantage of this program is that it allows students to take the courses that are most appropriate to prepare them for Ph.D. level work in mathematics education, and also allows them to begin to take some classes at the Ph.D. level before they have completed their Master's degree.  Students in this program normally take a variety of classes taken from our M.A. liberal arts program, our M.A. teaching emphasis program, and our Educational Mathematics Ph.D. program.  This is a traditional, on campus program, with classes that meet during the academic year (unlike our M.A. teaching emphasis program).

Many of the students in this program are supported by the school of mathematical sciences with Teaching Assistantships.  For more details, see our financial support page.  It typically takes two years to complete the coursework for this program, after which students take coursework from the Ph.D. program while completing an Action Research Project.  Students in the Master's en route program who are making satisfactory progress are automatically admitted into the Ph.D. program and do not need to reapply.  More details about the Master's en route program can be found in appendix B of the Graduate Student Handbook.