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Graduate Program Applications

The Department accepts and evaluates applications for graduate work based upon GPA, GRE, cover letter and letters of recommendation. ALL application materials must be sent directly to the Graduate School.  Your application is not considered complete until the Graduate School has received ALL materials.

Department-specific application information

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry requires materials in addition to those required by the Graduate School. Decisions on the acceptance of a student into any of the graduate programs in Chemistry or Chemical Education are not made until all of the materials have been received.

The following materials are REQUIRED by all applicants. This information is also found by selecting the specific program at the Graduate School website. Information about how to submit information to the Graduate School can be found HERE.

  • Prepare and complete the Graduate School online application.
  • Pay the application fee to the Graduate School.
  • Submit official GRE General Examination scores to the Graduate School. GRE scores are REQUIRED of all applicants.
  • Send official copies of your transcripts to the Graduate School.
  • Request three letters of recommendation be sent directly to the Graduate School (Word Doc; PDF). The letters of recommendation should be sent by the recommender directly to:  gradapplicationmaterials@unco.edu
  • Submit a cover letter to the Graduate School. Your cover letter MUST include each of the following items. Alternatively, you may download and submit the student profile form (Word Doc; PDF) to the Graduate School:

Your full name
The specific graduate degree to which you are applying (e.g.: M.S. Chemistry-Research-thesis based)
The faculty member(s) and research focus in which you are interested
Your goals after obtaining a graduate degree
How UNC will help you obtain your goals
Whether or not you wish to be considered for a teaching assistantship.

** If you wish to be considered for a teaching assistantship, please make sure that you indicate so in the cover letter (or profile form).

Department application and notification deadlines

Applications are evaluated by the Graduate School and the Department's Graduate Committee.  Frequently asked questions about the graduate programs in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry can be found at the FAQ Page.

Applications are considered for admission in either the Fall or Spring semesters only. No applications will be considered for Summer admission. Specific details about each semester are outlined below:

Fall admission:
For priority consideration, completed applications must be received by the Graduate School by January 15th. Acceptance and support information will be sent to successful applicants by March 1st. Applications received after January 15th will be reviewed after these and a decision typically made after the priority considerations have been completed. Typically, these decisions will be made within 4 weeks of submission of the completed application.

Spring admission:
Admission for the Spring semester is uncommon, but is possible. For consideration of admission in the Spring semester, applications MUST be complete by November 10th. Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis typically within 4 weeks of the receipt of the completed application.  Any applications for spring admission that are completed after that date will be handled as Fall admission applications.

Summer admission:
Admission to start a graduate program in Chemistry or Chemical Education in the Summer semester is not considered. All applications requesting summer admission will be deferred to the Fall or Spring semester as appropriate based upon the date the completed application is received.