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Brewing Laboratory Science


Our program also involves an optional study abroad session in another country. These 10 day sessions are offered at the end of the summer (before the fall semester starts) and explore the brewing industry and culture of places outside of the U.S.  More information on the current study abroad planned for the coming summer is posted HERE.

General Information

The Brewing Laboratory Science Program prepares students for work in the quality control / quality assurance (QC/QA) sector of the beer brewing industry. The program includes an undergraduate certificate, a minor in Brewing Laboratory Science, and a lecture/laboratory program with hands-on intensive training in a 7bbl microbrewery on campus.

This program is complimentary with master brewer and fermentation science programs at other institutions. Student learn proper brewing techniques at the laboratory and microbrewery levels while developing strong skills in the brewing laboratory using the American Society of Brewing Chemists methods of analysis. While you will learn how to brew beer, and brew it at both the homebrew and microbrew levels, this program is not intended to serve as a way to become a master brewer.  In addition to the hands-on work in the laboratory and brewery, practical experiences on campus and through internships at local and regional breweries are available for students in the program.

The Brewing Laboratory Science program at UNC has been in the news. Check out this story as the brewery was being built on campus.  More information about each of the minor and certificate programs can be found by clicking the links below, or by sending an email to the Program Coordinator (Michael Mosher).

Certificate Program in Brewing Laboratory Science

A link to the catalog page for the Certificate Program is located here: Brewing Laboratory Science Certificate

If you are a current degree-seeking UNC student, please contact the Program Coordinator (Michael Mosher) for information on how to register for the courses and participate in the Certificate Program. Specific course sections are required for current degree-seeking UNC students.

If you are not a current degree-seeking UNC student, registration for the courses and participation in the Certificate Program is handled after you have completed some brief paperwork via the Extended Campus website.  Go HERE to find that information and learn more about the program. Specific course sections are required for non-degree seeking students.

Chelsea Lawler

Minor in Brewing Laboratory Science

The minor in Brewing Laboratory Science is available to any undergraduate student who is currently enrolled as a degree-seeking student at UNC.  Coupled with any major on campus, the minor can be a good start to a career in this rapidly growing industry. More information about the minor can be found in the undergraduate catalog.