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Fall 2020 OUR Grant Recipients

November 03, 2020

Each semester the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) offers research and creative endeavor stipends and support grants towards undergraduate scholarship. UNC students are able to apply for funds, which can be used for research supplies, travel, conference presentations or performances, professional development and general support.

This fall the Office of Undergraduate Research awarded $22,447 in stipends, supplies, and conference participation fees to 21 students. These students represented 15 different majors and every College on campus including University Libraries. Fifteen of the 21 grants were awarded to the following McNair Scholars for a total of $10,937: 

  1. Ricel Lopez (Human Services): The Association of Trauma and Depression Among Latinx College Students and Engagement in Treatments.
  2. Adeleine Santos (Sociology): Epistemic Violence against Black, Indigenous and People of color (BIPOC) in Higher Education and the reclamation of Traditional Cultural Narratives, Knowledge and Pedagogies. 
  3. Zachary Gonzales (Philosophy and English): Interrogating the Epistemological Potential of Lorde's 'Uses of the Erotic' in Conceiving of Transness.
  4. Isabel Martinez-Venegas (Biology): Veterinarian Perceptions Regarding their Preparedness for their Profession.
  5. Nicola Anglo-Raymundo (English Secondary Education): Culturally Relevant Literature in Secondary Schools: A Study in Usage and Limitations.
  6. Bianca Ramos (Sociology): Students of Color in Higher Education.
  7. Eroline Daniela Mburunyeme Yakorde (Sociology and Psychology): Examining the Beliefs and Emotions of Men Who Purchase Sex.
  8. Jakob Coykendall (Asian Studies): LGBTQ+ Intimate Communication & Relationships during COVID-19.
  9. Chloe Parsons (Economics): How Climate Change Will Impact Consumer Demand in Food Markets in the United States.
  10. Olivia Sponsler-Sanchez (Psychology): Childhood Maltreatment & Chronic Pain in College Students: A Multi-dimensional Study.