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Galleries may be the most anticipated release with the CMS. Let's talk the various options and best places to use them. 

Important Note

Your image slider should be images of the same orientation, so don't mix vertical images with horizontal images. Make a gallery with all horizontal images or all vertical images, and be sure to make all your images the same size.

Gallery with Thumbnails

This gallery will work well when paired with content to the left of the gallery. Since this is more of a visual gallery, with no captions, you should have a description of it similar to this on the same section.

Why are all baby animals so cute?! This kitten is the cutest.
Why are all baby animals so cute?! This piglet baby is the cutest.
Why are all baby animals so cute?! This marten baby is the cutest.
Why are all baby animals so cute?! This rabbit baby is the cutest.
Why are all baby animals so cute?! This rhino baby is the cutest.
Why are all baby animals so cute?! This baby elephant and his mama are the cutest.
Why are all baby animals so cute?! These baby bears are the cutest.

Gallery with Captions

This gallery works well either paired with some content or displayed by itself with captions. 

Always try to keep your captions to a similar length so it doesn't appear like they're moving the page up and down. This happens because the page will adjust to the height of the caption length. So if you have one caption that is two sentences, and another that is 15 sentences, it will move the page to compensate for the various heights.

Gallery with Captions

Another reason your captions should be similar in length is so that the scrolling arrows look centered horizontally. If you have one large caption, the space designated for the gallery will be set to the largest sized caption and the arrows will seem low for the content shown. See the visual below:

Same Length Captions

Even Captions in Caption Gallery

Uneven Length Captions

Uneven Caption Lengths

Image Slider

This gallery will work well when it's paired with some content on the left of the page, shown here. 

This slider would also work full page because it contains only images (with no thumbnails and captions) so it will take up less vertical space on your page.

Image Slider Example

Content Slider, Not Your Normal Gallery

This slider is great for images that require a bit more text (a paragraph or more) to go along with the image. Again, keeping the images the same size is VERY important if you want a consistent look when the viewer is clicking through the images.

Deciding how much of the page you give to the content slider is another important consideration. Because you need space for the copy and the image, this snippet should not be placed into a layout any smaller than three columns (3/4 page) on a page. Never use this in one or two columns on a page.

Baby Rhino

A baby rhinoceros is called a calf.

They can stand 10 minutes after birth. The name "rhinoceros" means "nose horn."

Their mothers are glad they are born without horns. 


Baby Rhino

Baby Marten

Baby martens are called kits.

They are born blind and nearly hairless. 

Martens are good climbers and swimmers and are also nocturnal and omnivores.


Baby Marteen

Baby Rabbit

Baby rabbits are also called kits.

Occasionally they go astray in a garden, resort to thievery, must evade a predatory feline and are put to bed without their supper.

Baby Rabbit

Teeny Kitten

This kitten a very relaxed orange tabby.

There are more male orange tabbies than females.

Winston Churchill had an orange tabby cat named Jock.

Jock attended cabinet meetings.




There are usually eight to 12 piglets in a pig family.

A group of young pigs is a drift, drove or litter.

Pigs are one of the few animals that will not overeat. 


Mama and Baby Elephant

Female elephants live in groups of 15, led by a matriarch, but you won't find them snacking on peanuts.

Elephants don't actually like peanuts except in cartoons.

 Baby and Mama Elephant

Mama and Baby Bears


Bears are brilliant, creative, caring, and curious. 

They are sometimes found studying in groups and riding on skateboards. 

 Baby Bears