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Web Style Guide

Illustration of a UNC webpage on computer

At UNC, we want to create harmonious experience for our visitors. This is important in terms of visual consistency, but also in terms of architectural consistency, organizing and labeling and in terms of voice and style.

Our guidelines have space for flexibility and are continuously revised and expanded as needed. This style guide website will help you with the design and development of your website. In order to reinforce our brand, it also defines the standards for visual web design. Adhering to this guide will help you get the most impact from the coordinated series of page types and modular visual elements within the content management system.

What is responsive design?

A guiding principle in our site redesign and redevelopment has been focused on the idea that pages should respond to every screen size they are viewed on, making for a great user experience. This means that our pages will look slightly different depending on if users are browsing on a phone, tablet or computer. There is not more than one version of a page, but rather we're resizing certain elements depending on each specific device. Mobile phones will display the navigation bar as a drop-down menu and some elements on the page will be stacked. The best part? We've already done the heavy lifting and are constantly working to improve user experience. Please get in touch with any suggestions.

Responsive screens illustration