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Curriculum Requirements

All UNC students are required to complete a minimum of 31 LAC credit hours, regardless of major. For a list of all courses in UNC’s Liberal Arts Curriculum see the current Undergraduate Catalog

At UNC the 31 credits are distributed across the six categories aligned with the Colorado’s Guaranteed Transfer Pathway, general education categories: Written Communication, Mathematics, Arts and Humanities, History, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Natural and Physical Sciences. UNC Courses are standardly 3 credits each.

Written Communication (6 credits – 2 courses in sequence)

Mathematics (3 credits – 1 course)

Arts and Humanities (6 credits – 2 courses)

History (3 Credits) – 1 course

Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 credits – 1 course)

Additional course in Arts and Humanities, History, OR Social and Behavioral sciences (3 credits – 1 course)

Natural and Physical Sciences (7 credits – 2 courses)

  • One course without a lab (3 credits)
  • One Course must have a Lab (4 credit course)

UNC’s Multicultural and International Studies Requirement:

  • At least one course (3 credits) must carry a Multicultural Studies [MS] designation.
  • At least one course (3 credits) must carry an International Studies [IS] designation.
  • A wide variety of courses in the Arts & Humanities, History, and Social & Behavioral Sciences have this designation. Course with these designations are identified in the current Undergraduate Catalog.

The Liberal Arts Curriculum Structure document provides more detail as does the current Undergraduate Catalog.

Webinar: Advising with the New LAC
A discussion of the 31 credit LAC  and impacts on faculty advising. 

NOTE: Students who declared majors in catalog years prior to Fall 2021 must continue to follow the requirements of the previous Liberal Arts Core. For information regarding the Liberal Arts Core effective through Summer 2021, check out the Liberal Arts Core page on the Office of the Registrar website. Every student's personalized Degree Works page will also describe the specific requirements they must fulfill and indicate their progress to date.