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LAC Matters

LAC Matters is produced by the Outreach & Communication Committee (OCC), an ad hoc committee of the Liberal Arts Council. The OCC educates the campus community about the goals, benefits, and outcomes of the Liberal Arts Curriculum.

What does Liberal Arts mean?

Check out this video to explore what it means to be a liberally educated person.

Want to Know More About the Liberal Arts Curriculum?

Check out this student-guided video to learn about the Liberal Arts Curriculum.

Liberal Arts Curriculum Courses Video Highlights

ANT 110 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ASLS 160 Introduction  to Human Communication and its Disorders

BA 205 Business Communications

ENST 100 Introduction to Environmental Studies

GEOL 100 General Geology

GEOL 110 Our Geological Environment

MET 110 Our Violent Atmosphere