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Student Advancement Ambassadors

If you see a call from 970-351-1500 - that's us

That’s a Student Advancement Ambassador on the line. Answer and say 'Hello!' because when you do, you support UNC students and programs.  Last year you, and the 1,271 UNC alumni and friends who took our call, raised over $146,000 to support UNC. Thank you! Every call and gift makes a difference for current UNC students.

Our Spring Semester calling session begins on January 13, 2019. We hope you'll take our call! 


Who is calling?

SAAs are proud, front-line UNC student representatives.  We call alumni, parents and friends across the nation to discuss philanthropic opportunities and invite your gift of support.  We also call for event invitations, to say 'Thank You' and share special announcements.


When do you call?

SAAs are on the phone throughout the duration of Fall and Spring semesters.  We generally call in the evenings but also make special announcement calls during the workday. The spring 2019 calling will start on January 13th. We hope you'll take our call! 


Where else are you involved?

You'll see SAAs around campus including at Alumni Association tailgates, Blue & Gold Club outings, alumni networking events and greeting you when you visit the Judy Farr Center. SAAs are full time students and we invite you to get to know us below.