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Team UNC

Faculty and Staff Giving

The support and dedication of employees is what makes this University great. Hundreds of faculty and staff provide financial contributions each year to enhance the excellence of UNC and the preparation of its students. Together through philanthropy, Team UNC makes a lasting impact on the experience of students and their colleagues. Every donor giving at any amount makes a difference!

Make your Team UNC gift today

On Thursdays during the 2018 campaign, UNC students visited faculty and staff offices to thank them for their support. Check out the video to see them in action!


Thank you!

More than 350 campus employees donated during Fall 2018’s Team UNC Campaign. A generous donor matched $45,000 in gifts from our record-breaking group of faculty/staff donors into funds across campus, doubling the impact of their giving.

Thank you, 2018 Team UNC!

Put Your Giving to Work

When you join Team UNC, you join the generous faculty and staff who support UNC every day through their work and their philanthropy. Gifts may support any campus program, including the offices and programs that you are involved in every day. 

Where to Give

You see first-hand the needs of our students, our programs and our facilities. You can support any area of campus that you would like to enhance with your gifts.

How to Give

The easiest way to give is via payroll deduction, but you may make a gift in any number of ways. Let's get started:

Payroll Deduction Form

Make an Online Gift

Other ways to give

When to Give

The official Team UNC Campaign happens each fall, but you can join colleagues with a gift made at any time. Get involved when you make an annual gift and your contribution immediately goes to work impacting students, programs and priorities.

Explore annual giving options and programs

Why I Give to Team UNC

"I really appreciate the student body at UNC. They are open to new ways of seeing and being enriched by the beauty of diversity. I am always learning from them as I transfer my passion and love of Anthropology to them."

Sally McBeth - Team UNC Donor
Professor and Chair, Department of Anthropology

"I support Team UNC because I want to make sure our students have the resources they need to persist and complete their education. Others invested in my undergraduate degree and this is my opportunity to pay their generosity forward."

Beckie Croissant - Team UNC Donor
Student Service Specialist, College of Natural and Health Sciences

"I was thinking that my small gifts didn’t matter much. It really touched my heart, though, when students came to my office to thank me for “making their dreams come true”! It brought tears to my eyes! Now, I am doubling my giving."

Margaret Kinney - Team UNC Donor
Accounting Technician, School of Nursing

If you are interested in Team UNC but still have questions, visit our frequent donor questions for additional information or reach out to annual giving 970-351-4736.

A Team that Achieves Results

Through Team UNC gifts and record-breaking participation, employee donors in Fall 2018 contributed more than $100,000 to funds across the UNC campus. Team UNC also secured additional matching funds for their gifts to academic programs, research and other student support services.