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Giving Generously, Changing Lives

The impact of our generous donors comes through clearly and authentically in the words of our students. Your support makes dreams possible, opens doors, creates access to education, illuminates opportunities and changes lives – but not only for the student who benefits from your support. Philanthropy at UNC makes a difference for students, their families and the global community as they uncover solutions, help others and reach their potential. Here, we share the stories of our students, alumni and donors with gratitude and inspiration.

Student and Alumni Stories

Our alumni and students share inspiring and uplifting stories about the impact of your generosity.

Jenaya McGowan Zarrad

Succeeding Through Community
As a first-generation student, UNC’s support systems meant a lot to Jenaya MGowan Zarrad ’08. 

Nancy Ochoa

Paying it Forward
Nancy Ochoa, a senior accounting major, wasn't sure if she'd be able to afford to finish her degree. Then she was invited to hear about a scholarship.

Ryan Quintana

Perseverance Pays Off
Scholarship support has made a difference for Ryan Quintana, dad of six, who recently graduated with his degree in Elementary Education.

Meet Our Donors

They're a diverse group, with a deep interest in helping students now and in the future.

Molly Burich Family

Dreaming Big and Giving Back

She may be many miles from Greeley, but Molly Burich carries her UNC experience with pride, and is making sure others are inspired to do the same.

UNC Trustee Annette Martinez

Reflecting a Belief in Education

UNC Trustee Annette Martinez ’86 honors her parents’ belief in education by supporting the Cumbres program and scholarships. 

Faculty Member

WeldWerks Supports UNC UNITE

Greeley’s WeldWerks Brewing Co. supports a university program that gives students, faculty and staff a space to explore topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Learn How to Become a Donor

Philanthropy at UNC

Explore the latest news about giving to UNC and the difference support makes for our university community.

Ribbon cutting at Empower Center

Space to Celebrate
UNC student-athletes celebrated the opening of the Empower Center – a new training space that is UNC’s first fully donor-funded facility. 


Kenneth W. Monfort College of Business Announces Two New Chair
Jake Rose, Ph.D., named Allen McConnell Distinguished Chair; Joseph French, Ph.D, named Garth Allen Distinguished Chair.

UNC students on campus

UNC Donors Have a History of Helping to Advance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
As a leader in education, UNC remains committed to gathering diverse ideas, voices and individuals to shape education.

Read More Philanthropic Stories

Russell Iverson

“I just wanted to give back to UNC, because I thought I got a good education here, and I just want to pass that down to the next generation, to give to a student who might not qualify for a really high-need scholarship, but who just could use a little extra help to afford UNC tuition.”

- Russell Iverson '93, Iverson Family Scholarship 

Daisy Solis

“This scholarship means the world to me and my family. It gives me confidence. It makes me feel like I was meant to be here. The fact that the Reisher family saw potential within me, I’ll be forever thankful for that.”

- Daisy Solis ’21, Reisher Family Scholarship Recipient 

Ryan Quintana

“If it were not for assistance in many forms, my journey to becoming a teacher would have at least been delayed and possibly not come to fruition.” 

- Ryan Quintana ’22, Chevron Scholar