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Impact UNC

The impact of our generous donors comes through clearly and authentically in the words of our students. Your support makes dreams possible, opens doors, creates access to education, illuminates opportunities and changes lives – but not only for the student who benefits from your support. Philanthropy at UNC makes a difference for students, their families and the global community as they uncover solutions, help others and reach their potential. Here, we share the stories of our students, alumni and donors with gratitude and inspiration.

Student and Alumni Stories

Our alumni and students share inspiring and uplifting stories about the impact of your generosity.

Aims2UNC Program Helps Students Earn Bachelor’s Degrees

Enabled by donor support, the Aims2UNC program creates a pathway for students to successfully earn their undergraduate degree while lessening the financial impact of attending university.


Scholarship Enables Legacy Student to Pursue Her Passion

The Aloha Scholarship helps students from Hawai'i ease the financial burden of attending college out of state while entering a decades old community of students and alumni who are from or live in Hawai'i.


Alumna Supports the Next Generation of Nurses

Liz Kissell, ’75, M.S. ’82, came to Greeley for her undergraduate degree before returning for her master’s degree, and ultimately joining the School of Nursing faculty for a time. Now, Kissell supports Nursing students through her loyal monthly giving.


State Farm Invests in Career Readiness Initiatives for UNC Students

This year, State Farm has generously awarded the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) two grants totaling $50,000 as a part of their Good Neighbor Citizenship Grant program. By putting students first and equipping them with the resources needed to succeed following graduation, UNC is playing an active role in achieving the program’s goal of building safer, stronger and better-educated communities.

“We felt UNC aligned in our values and commitment, which made them a great fit for this award," said Kelly Pargett, corporate responsibility analyst at State Farm serving Colorado. 

Striving to make as large of an impact as possible, State Farm chooses to invest in students who go on to better their communities using their education. At UNC, this looks like creating scholarships for students pursuing unpaid internships or work placements and funding workshops and resources that support career readiness. Read About State Farm's Investment in UNC


Meet Our Donors

UNC donors form a diverse community, with a deep interest in helping students now and in the future. Get to know a few of our generous donors and reach out if you would like to learn more about joining our community through your philanthropy.

Mary Jo Drew, '79, smiles at the camera.

Helping Health Science Students

 Mary Jo Drew, '79, knew she would pursue a career in health science from a young age, now she invests in students pursuing a career in that very field.

Molly Burich Family

Dreaming Big and Giving Back

She may be many miles from Greeley, but Molly Burich carries her UNC experience with pride, and is making sure others are inspired to do the same.

UNC Trustee Annette Martinez

Reflecting a Belief in Education

UNC Trustee Annette Martinez ’86 honors her parents’ belief in education by supporting the Cumbres program and scholarships.

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