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Moving and Setup Services

Moving of Equipment and Individual Offices:
Moving services are provided free of charge for minor moves made within the parameters of normal University business.

Large moves or moves made off campus may be a billable service.

To request an on campus move submit a TMA Work Order.

The moving crew does not move computers, printers or copiers (unless they're going to surplus).

Items for pickup

Please do not place items for pickup in the hallways.  It is a violation of fire code.  Items are to be marked and left in their original location for pickup.

Surplus Furniture Storage and Distribution
The Campus Community can view surplus furniture on Wednesdays from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. at Parsons Hall. Surplus is stored at UNC for only a short time due to space constraints, and surplus furniture and equipment are routinely taken to Fort Collins for auction disposal and/or donated to local non-profit organizations.

Conference Services
Chairs, tables, risers, etc. that are needed for special event set ups are to be requested through Conference Services when reserving a room or area for a Special Event.