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At a Glance

Since 2002
The recycling program has become revitalized. It has shown continued growth year after year. All from the continued support of a growing Student population and the Faculty and Staff at UNC. We have acquired the equipment needed to sustain not only economically but ergonomically as well.

We are now able to bale cardboard due to acquiring a baler from Waste Management which we purchased over a period of time.

We have purchased a forklift that enables us to move larger weights.

In 2009
A box truck with a lift to transport recyclables with consistency was provided.

In 2011 Received Grant
From the grant :  Purchased a tipping mechanism to empty the bins we place around campus with efficiency
Purchased 100 bins that Facilities Management now owns.
Allowed to poor concrete in problematic areas around our recycle staging area.
UNC is excited to see what our recycling program in 2012 and beyond will bring.