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About the Education and Behavioral Sciences

The College of Education and Behavioral Sciences consists of three schools: Psychological Sciences, Special Education and Teacher Education; and six departments: Applied Statistics and Research Methods, Counseling Psychology, Counselor Education and Supervision, Educational Technology, Leadership, Policy and Development: Higher Education and P-12 Education, and School Psychology; and one program: Distance Opportunities Interpreter Training.  All of these units provide high quality teaching and excellent academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. At the undergraduate level the College offers degree programs in psychology, special education and educational interpreting. The School of Teacher Education works with academic programs in other Colleges to prepare teacher candidates for licensure. Through programs administered at the graduate level, the College prepares the education professionals (e.g., teachers, school psychologists, principals, school counselors), researchers, and academics of the future. 


As the premiere education institution in the state of Colorado, the College of Education contributes to the betterment of society through research, professional service, and the preparation of a diverse and comprehensive array of education professionals who are life-long learners, skilled in pedagogy and content, knowledgeable of standards and assessment, and capable of working effectively with all populations in a changing global environment.


The College of Education and Behavioral Studies supports the belief that education is transformational; that candidates who successfully complete our professional education programs can make a difference in the lives of their students and clients. The vision of the College of Education and Behavioral Studies is to lead conversations around issues of human enlightenment, social conscience, and mutual caring. This ideal includes helping candidates acquire the knowledge, the ability, and the will to impact all students' life chances. Our vision is to inspire in candidates a heightened and consequential sense of responsibility for stewardship of our schools and our communities.

Commitment to Diversity

Diversity in the Teacher Preparation Curriculum

UNC is committed to the inclusion of topics on diversity into teacher preparation programs.  It is critical for teacher candidates to understand issues pertinent to diversity. 

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College of Education and Behavioral Studies

Statement on Diversity
The College has included beliefs and affirmations about diversity in several important documents including the mission statement and the conceptual framework.

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Native American Innovative Leader Program (NAIL)

UNC  was awarded a grant through the Office of Indian Education (OIE), designed for 35 Native American teachers from any tribe who wish to advance their career in leadership.

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Diversity and Equity Committee

This committee prioritizes diversity issues across the College, including supporting the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, staff, and students; advocating for the infusion of diverse curriculum.

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The preparation of high quality teachers and other education personnel is in our DNA at UNC. From our beginnings as the State Normal School in 1889, UNC has maintained a focus on educator quality. Currently, UNC prepares the largest number of teachers across the widest array of areas (early childhood, elementary education, 16 secondary areas, special education, art, music, and physical education) in Colorado. Programs are located in several cities across the state: Greeley, Denver, Loveland, and Colorado Springs. All are designed to prepare educators through four-year programs and through shorter alternative routes available to individuals with an undergraduate degree. UNC also prepares other school personnel, including principals, school psychologists, and school counselors. Enrollment in our preparation programs has been growing. 

 This section of the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences website, titled “University of Northern Colorado Teacher Quality” (UNCTQ), details the processes and outcomes of our focus on teacher quality. Here you will find information about the data we collect on our teacher candidates and graduates. Education programs at UNC monitor student performance throughout the program of study. We survey our students after they graduate to determine their perceptions about their programs in light of their job experiences. Importantly, we follow up with those who work with and employ our students and graduates, including for example teachers, principals and human resource personnel, to gain an external perspective about quality. External validation is also sought through various accrediting and review bodies that provide a regular and thorough analysis of our programs. 

Also included among the data on this website is information about faculty research and grant writing outcomes. In order to maintain and enhance program quality it is critical that faculty members remain current in their area of expertise. The outcomes of research into, for example, child development or reading, are incorporated into classroom instruction.

The purpose of this evidence collection is to document program and graduate quality and also to direct program improvement. For example, because of data collected we have changed the content of coursework and required that all teacher candidates have an experience in a diverse school. Faculty members from across the campus are currently working on major revisions to the secondary teacher preparation programs. These revisions are based on evidence we have collected about our programs, along with mandated changes in the field and research-based practices. They will involve changes to the liberal arts core, education coursework and teacher field experiences. 

The evidence on these pages demonstrates our commitment to the preparation of top-quality educators. We welcome feedback. Please email me at Eugene.sheehan@unco.edu if you would like to comments about our data or our programs.

Eugene P. Sheehan

Jennifer Nicole (Estes) Ellis 

MA Special Education: Deaf Education

UNC has helped open a door to a career that I absolutely love.  It’s exciting to be on this journey knowing I have been equipped with the necessary tools and cutting edge research to make a difference for our future generations as they set sail on their own journeys.

Mary Beth Waller

MA Special Education: Generalist

Thanks to UNC I am most aware of best practice within the teaching profession.  I am not only excited but also prepared to begin to work in collaboration with others to ensure that best practice is implemented in the positions I pursue.  

Meagan Barnes

K-12 Sports and Exercise Science

Through my involvement in the teaching program, I have obtained rich content and pedagogical knowledge I can apply in my own classes to create an environment which is conducive to each students’ learning style. 

Mohammad Alhanaya

MA in Special Education:
Gifted and Talented

Every single day in this program means discovering myself, exploring new aspects of gifted education, building awareness, and creating a magnificent future, not only for me, but also for my country’s gifted education programs.

Rolando Davila

K-12 Sports and Exercise Science

I was able to develop relationships with friends which have lasted to this day and develop relationships with the SES faculty to be able to continue to go to them for advice, support, feedback, and for anything else if it is work or life.

Tia Wieland

Early Childhood Education

The UNC Teaching Program has done far more than teach me the ABCs of teaching- it has given me all the tools and support I could ever need to be a successful teacher and be out there in the real world of education. 

 Venessa Austin

Secondary Education: History

UNC had assisted me in making my dream of earning a teaching degree possible. The professors in the STEP program at UNC are dedicated to creating well prepared educators for our future nation and world. 

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