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Goal Two

Interns will demonstrate appropriate professional behavior and socialization into the profession of psychology.


  • Interns will develop and maintain professional relationships and behaviors

    Competencies expected:

    • Interns will develop collegial, professional relationships within the UNC Counseling Center and university community
    • Interns will communicate effectively with clinical staff, support staff, peers, supervisees, etc
    • Interns will demonstrate timeliness to meetings, sessions, supervision, seminars, etc
    • Interns will demonstrate ability to manage conflict effectively
    • Interns will demonstrate ability to provide constructive feedback and support to peers
    • Intern demonstrates the ability to receive and appropriately process constructive feedback and support from peers through informal and formal case presentation opportunities
    • Intern demonstrates the ability to present a formal case conceptualization presentation to peers and staff that integrates theory, evidence based practice, ethics, multicultural issues, treatment plan, goals and outcomes.
    • Interns will exhibit a professional identity (e.g., dress, behavior)
    • Interns will demonstrate ability to work as part of a professional team (i.e., flexibility, acting as a “team player”)
    • Interns will participate actively in seminars and meetings
    • Interns will demonstrate ability to follow agency policies
  • Interns will demonstrate effective use of supervisions

    Competencies expected:

    • Interns will demonstrate adequate preparation for supervision
    • Interns will demonstrate openness/non-defensiveness to feedback
    • Interns will integrate supervisory feedback to improve skills
    • Interns will exhibit willingness to appropriately self-disclose
    • Interns will initiate their own professional development and demonstrate commitment to growth and learning

Intern Evaluations

Our intern evaluation forms flow directly from these goals, objectives, and competencies. Interns formally receive feedback on their performance twice per semester.