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Outreach, Crisis Support, & Consultation

The University of Northern Colorado Counseling Center is committed to supporting university programs designed to create an atmosphere conducive to the well-being, personal growth, and psychological health of students. One of the ways in which we accomplish this is by working collaboratively with other departments on campus to enhance the overall campus climate and increase awareness of mental health topics. This includes reaching out to our campus community through consultations, workshops and psycho-educational presentations.

Outreach Presentations & Workshops

Our outreach efforts work to increase student access and awareness of the services we provide, build resilience, and reduce stigma around mental illness and services. Outreach presentations and workshops are available to students, faculty, and staff on a wide variety of topics including:

  • Overview of Counseling Center services
  • Self-care
  • QPR Suicide Prevention
  • Helping skills
  • Multicultural topics
  • Relationship enhancement
  • Eating and body image concerns
  • Academic strategies
  • Mindfulness
  • General mental health & wellness topics

To increase the likelihood that staff will be available for your event, please provide us with a minimum of a four week notice for all outreach requests.  If your department/organization is able to offer flexibility in dates, please note that October and April are our busiest months and it is more challenging for us to accommodate requests during these times.  Availability of outreach presentations and workshops is subject to staff availability and staff expertise.

Request a Presentation

While we do our best to respond to outreach request as quickly as possible, please give us a call at (970) 351-2496 if you have not heard back from us two weeks after submitting your request.

Crisis Support

Our staff is available to provide support when impactful, traumatic, or tragic events occur on campus. This includes talking with groups on campus (e.g., student organizations, departments, classes) about coping with unjust, violent, or traumatic situations and/or facilitating conversations about how people are feeling. Additionally, if you or your department/organization are planning an activity or other response to recent tragedies or events, we can discuss the ways in which the Counseling Center can provide collaboration, presence, and/or resources to support your activity.  Please call us directly at (970) 351-2496 for more immediate assistance if your request is related to a crisis or urgent situation.


Important: If you or someone you are concerned about is in a serious and imminent life-threatening circumstance, please bypass this information and immediately call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room.

The Counseling Center staff is available to consult with individuals or groups regarding issues that involve the welfare of a student.  If you are a parent, faculty or staff member, friend, partner, or loved one of a UNC student and have concerns about the student’s mental health or life situation, please come in to see us or give us a call at (970) 351-2496 to speak with a staff member regarding your concerns. A typical caller would voice concerns about a student’s mental health and strategize with a counselor about how to help guide the student toward getting assistance and support.  While we are unable to reach out to students of concern, the Office of Student Outreach and Support can provide more in-depth follow up and case management to students. To learn more about how to help a student in distress, please see the information below:

The Counseling Center maintains the confidentiality of its clients (with certain legally mandated exceptions) and our staff cannot disclose any information about a specific student-client, including attendance information.  While we are not able to disclose information, you are welcome to share your concerns with us regarding a student. If a student would like us to disclose their information, they would have to sign a Release of Information. The student must fill it out and submit it in person or via fax to our staff.  We may also request to meet with the student to discuss the nature of the disclosure and limitations on information to be disclosed prior to releasing any information.