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Internship Goals, Objectives and Competencies

The Counseling Center staff believes that the role of a university counseling center psychologist requires a wide range of competencies, which underlie the program's goals and objectives. Doctoral internship training focuses primarily on the refinement of skills in the clinical, outreach and consultation, and supervision arenas. Also on the translation of ethical/legal and multicultural knowledge into professional behavior.

Four Primary Goals

Our internship program has four primary goals and within them related core objectives and competencies.

Goal One

Interns will develop appropriate clinical skills and competencies in preparation for entry level practice as professional psychologists.

Goal Two

Interns will demonstrate appropriate professional behavior and socialization into the profession of psychology.

Goal Three

Interns will cultivate the knowledge and awareness needed for ethical practice as a psychologist.

Goal Four

Interns will demonstrate a commitment towards multicultural competency.

Intern Evaluations

Our intern evaluation forms flow directly from these goals, objectives and competencies. Interns formally receive feedback on their performance twice per semester.