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Daily Crime log

Crime log information

Universities with a campus police department are required to create, maintain, and make available a daily crime log that records criminal and alleged criminal incidents. Because of this, the UNC Daily Crime Log numbers do not run in sequential order. All calls for service receive a case number. The case numbers included on the Crime Log are for criminal and alleged criminal incidents only.

Crime Log incidents will not match statistics in the Campus Security and Fire Safety Report. The crime log descriptions meet state statutes and not federal definitions. Additionally, FBI NIBRS crime statistics will also not match this log. The purpose of the Daily Crime Log is for recording criminal and alleged criminal incidents, not criminal events that are confirmed through investigation. Additionally, a crime that is ‘unfounded’ or ‘referred to an outside agency’ is included in the Daily Crime Log, but is not included for FBI NIBRS statistical purposes.

The University Police list crimes in chronological order and by updated status. A crime that was committed within the past 60 days may be ‘out of order’ due to an updated status; otherwise, all crime is listed in the order in which the crime was brought to the attention of the police. To request a paper copy, please contact the UNC Police department at 970-351-2245.

Disposition Definitions

  • Inactive – The case is inactive and will remain so absent additional information.
  • Active – The case is being investigated until there are no further leads or the case is resolved.
  • Unfounded – The event did not happen as described or determined through investigation to be false (a person may find a wallet was misplaced instead of stolen, etc).
  • Arrest – The incident resulted in an arrest for the crime(s) listed. The filing of an arrest warrant is also categorized under this disposition.
  • Declined - Not enough evidence to support prosecution.
  • VFP (Victim Failure to Prosecute) – The victim chose not to pursue charges. Many times these cases are handled administratively or with warnings to the subjects. In some cases the victim may choose to not use law enforcement services.
  • ROA (Referred to Outside Agency) – Referred to or handled by another law enforcement agency because of jurisdictional boundaries, or referred to an administrative department of the University such as the Conduct office or to Facilities for repair of damage.
  • CSA (Campus Security Authority) – Reports from Campus Security Authorities (as defined by the Clery Act) which did not provide enough detail for investigation.
  • GPD (Greeley Police Department) – Reports from the Greeley Police Department in response to our request for statistics for inclusion in the Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report. 

Fire Log

Universities with on-campus student housing are required to create, maintain, and make available a Fire Log. This log records all reported fires, including arson, in on-campus student housing facilities. The Fire Log at UNC is managed by the Environmental Health and Safety Department. Access the Fire Log.