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UNC Soccer Erica Estes

Erica Estes, redshirt senior and member of the UNC Soccer team, knows about hard work and dedication. The Blue and Gold Club had a chance to sit down with her to talk about her experience as a Bear.

"Being a UNC Bear is special because it means that I am positioned to make changes in my community through opportunities afforded by both the university and athletics. I have learned during my time at UNC to become a team player and approach every situation with a winning mindset. My experience both on the playing field and in the classroom has prepared to become all that I can be in life. 

Without the support of our donors, UNC Athletics success as a whole would not be possible. On behalf of all UNC student-athletes, I would like to thank everyone who gives, attends games, or says hello on campus. Your generosity allows us to have an unbelievable experience and one we don't take for granted. Go Bears!"

Preparing Bears for Tomorrow

Together we create an educational environment that enables our student-athletes to grow academically, athletically, and socially. Our student-athletes learn to work with people from different backgrounds, while preparing to serve as leaders in their professions.

Scholarship Support

Scholarships are the most critical piece of a successful athletics program. Scholarships are paid expenditures of the athletics department and providing support in this area is extremely beneficial for coaches to recruit the top talent from across the country.

Programmatic Needs

Providing funds for equipment, travel, uniforms, team building, and basic needs are crucial to the sustained success of our athletics programs.

University Recognition

Athletics is often referred to as a “front porch” to a university. By competing at the highest levels regionally and nationally, UNC Athletics connects the university with prospective students, alumni, and the community.

Once a Bear, Always a Bear

Blue and Gold Club donors are valued supporters of the University of Northern Colorado. We acknowledge the generosity of our members through special event invitations, donor honor rolls and inside access to our programs. You also may receive tax benefits for your gift.

   Ways to Give

Coaches Perspective

Coach Collins, Football

Coach Oates, Volleyball

Coach Barrera, Soccer

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