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Compliance Guidelines

The University of Northern Colorado, as a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, is committed to maintaining a high degree of integrity in its athletics program. The University is responsible for the institutional control in operating its athletics program that is consistent with the spirit of the NCAA and University rules and regulations.

The University and Department of Athletics recognize the importance of and places great emphasis on compliance with rules governing the institutions of the NCAA. This page is designed to educate coaches, current student-athletes, donors/alumni, and prospective student-athletes about the University of Northern Colorado and the NCAA regulations that govern our Department of Athletics.

We ask all of you to join us in being well-informed about NCAA rules and regulations in order to ensure that we meet this challenge. UNC is proud to have the loyal support of and continued interest in our athletics program by our alumni, donors and friends.


Donor - A donor is any individual who has made a financial contribution to UNC Athletics, has provided benefits to enrolled student-athletes or their families, and/or is a former student-athlete.

Prospect/Recruit - Any individual who has started classes for the 9th grade. Individuals enrolled at preparatory schools or two-year colleges are also considered prospects. Individuals maintain prospect status until enrolled full-time at a four-year collegiate institution.

Student-Athlete - Any individual enrolled in classes who participates in the University of Northern Colorado's Athletics program. This includes both recruited individuals and walk-ons.

Extra Benefit - Any special arrangement by a UNC employee or donor to provide a student-athlete/prospect or their families that is a benefit not authorized by NCAA rules, and/or is a benefit not available to the general student body.

DONOR Do's and Don'ts

Donors May...

  • Notify the appropriate member of the UNC Athletics staff about a prospect in your area.
  • Attend a prospect's contest as long as no contact is made with the prospect or anyone associated with the prospect.
  • Employ prospects or current student-athletes provided compensation is for work actually performed and at a rate commensurate with experience and going rate of similar services. It cannot be related to a current student-athlete's reputation obtained because of their athletic ability. 

Donors May Not...

  • Contact a prospect or anyone associated with the prospect via form of communication for recruiting purposes or while they are on campus for an official or unofficial visit.
  • Assist UNC's coaching staff by picking up transcripts, game films, or any other information from a prospect's educational institution.
  • Provide benefits of any kind to a prospect or his/her relatives or friends.
  • Contact a prospect to congratulate him/her on signing a National Letter of Intent to attend UNC
  • Make contact with a prospect or his/her parents while on campus for an official or unofficial visit
  • Employ or arrange employment for a prospect prior to the completion of his/her senior year in high school or graduation or withdrawal from prep school/junior college.
  • Provide a student-athlete or his/her relatives or friends with any type of extra benefit.
  • Provide cash, special discounts (e.g., free or reduced meals/housing), payment arrangements (e.g., co-signing a loan), or services (e.g., transportation, use of telephone) to student-athletes, their relatives, or friends.
  • Provide awards or gifts of any value to student-athletes for any reason.
  • Facilitate any communication between a student-athlete and agents, or representatives of agents. 

Frequently Asked Questions