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Web Communications and Support

What if I want to create a new website?

We understand that some programs, clubs or organizations at UNC do not have an existing website. Contact Evan Rattenborg if you have a site that needs to be created. All UNC web sites will be in the new design and developed in the Content Management System (CMS).

Additionally, all web authors (individuals who maintain websites) will be required to attend OU Campus Training sessions. 

Learn more about the UNC Web Guidelines

OU Campus Training

OU Campus training sessions vary depending on the CMS users needs. There are three types of training:

  • Full Publisher/Web Author Training: Individuals who maintain websites, create new pages and can publish right to the server.
  • Contributor Training: Individual who assist with the maintenance of websites, create new pages but need approval (from web author) prior to publication of changes to the server.
  • OU Campus Blogs: This training is available upon request

Please contact Evan.Rattenborg@unco.edu to establish which type of training is right for your website needs.

Full Publisher Training

Web authors are CMS users who need access to all functions of the web site creation, including creating and publishing new webpages.

This two-part training  is designed to teach web authors how to use use the OU Campus Interface as well as all features available in the CMS. Training includes explanations of best practices used to structure content on a page. Also included is file management information and best practice tips.

Please contact Evan.Rattenborg@unco.edu to register for training.

October Sessions

  • Part 1 - October 14, 10 - 11:30 
  • Part 2 - October 21, 10 - 11:30 

Contributor Training

Contributors are CMS users who can create and edit webpages that are submitted to a designated web author for approval and publication.

This 90-minute session will focus on the basics of creating a new page, adding content and images and submitting the page for review by a department web author.

To request a Contributor training please contact Evan.Rattenborg@unco.edu

Need OU Campus Help?

Check out the OU Campus Self-Help section of our website. If you still need help submit a Request Help Ticket via the Request Help Gadget in the CMS.